About Us

TemplateTuning is the premier support project of Callaway Alliance. We advance global business and networking by providing cost-effective web design solutions for individuals and companies.

Whether you represent yourself, a small business, or a large corporation, you'll find a wealth of relevant resources at TemplateTuning. We offer everything from templates including industry specific graphics to advice on site modification and tweaking out company logos. You, however, maintain control of the entire process.

Finding a Niche

We made a discovery: you don't want only attractive templates -- you want attractive websites!

We've assaulted and defeated the commonly held assumptions:
  • Creating an effective website is complicated and bothersome. We have streamlined our tuning process. You need only follow three easy steps: choose a website template, chat with a manager and monitor your project's development.

  • Pre-made templates lack individuality. We assign a personal project manager to each website and make him responsible for everything from gathering your ideas to turning them into a highly individual site.

  • Setting up a website is costly. We believe in low prices. Our prices consistently beat web design studio prices. We offer products and services as good as, but at prices 10-15 times lower than those of custom web designs.

  • Pre-made templates lack the quality, professional look necessary to attract customers. We use web templates from the World's leading providers. Plus our professional design and programming staff guarantees only the best quality for the end result.

  • Getting a website up and running takes too much time. We are addicted to speed. Using Template Tuning is much faster than searching for and haggling with web design studios. In fact, most of our tuning processes take less than 24 hours.

  • Buying a pre-made template is like buying a used car without warranties. What nonsense! Before, during and after the sale, we provide great support: round-the-clock, 6 days a week (Mon-Sat) committed chat rooms, phone-lines and e-mail.

  • The plan always looks better than the finished product. We eliminate disappointment by offering you a preview before payment. We use pre-made web templates, so you can preview the appearance of a future website before you pay for it.
When you visit TemplateTuning.com, you find the web design solutions you've been seeking.

Our Mission and Our Values

TemplateTuning's mission is to enable anyone anywhere to develop a competitive website.

We achieve our mission through sure-fire methods based on our values. By offering a wide array of services, 24/7 technical support, affordability, product availability and uncompromising professionalism, we ensure that with little or no training, any client can create, organize and manage a website from any location on the planet.

From the beginning we take on the technical workload. Our design staff is proficient in HTML, CSS(1&2), Flash, JavaScript, Java etc., and we have gathered the resources necessary for creating high impact design. From making a few quick and dirty HTML changes in already established websites to creating brand spanking new turnkey sites, we do it all. And we charge $300 instead of $3000.

Finally, our support goes on and on. You don't have to pay additional fees for limited 30 day support. There's no cut-off time and no content limit. We'll answer any pre-ordering or post-ordering question you throw at us. Technical troubles got you down? Fill out a trouble ticket. Our professional staff will counsel you. Call in four months, and we'll be here. Call in two years, and we'll be here.

Working tirelessly for Anyone Anywhere Anytime - TemplateTuning.com