Keep your website on top of trends!

Both now and always people like to stay fancy and modern and we are always ready to invest money in our stylish look. But sometimes we forget that a website being a company’s image should also stay on top of trends. Your website – your business name card and can easily make customers stay with you or go and seek for some business alternatives. Modern websites stand out from the crowd and strike the eye. That doesn’t mean your website should be a motley all-in-one. It’s about knowing where the website industry is right now and taking some advantages of fresh tendencies.

Using various fonts is currently no more topical fashion to beautify your website. Nowadays designers prefer to use one font styled in different ways. Picking up one font will help you give the impression of consistency and unique style. While to avoid the simplicity and monotony it would be a good idea to play with font deepness and spacings.

It is a fashion trend to use your own illustrations throughout the site showing out your individuality. Illustration, like a magic wand, can turn your website into something really one and only and something with the power to entice the audience and mirror the brand message. The design should not be striking, but representing main principles of your business.


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We Celebrate The 12th Birthday!


Happy Birthday to us! It’s hard to believe we have  already turned 12 years!

We encourage you to join our Birthday party and enjoy it to the fullest with awesome discounts that we offer – 35% OFF customization service.

We welcome you to our chat room to find out more details about the list of services applicable for discount.

We are thankful to all the customers for trust and support through all these years!



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Website Lab

Not sure if you have enough time and knowledge to build a complete fully-functional website in the shortest terms?
You are lucky, because we definitely know everything about setting up a successful business on the web.
Inspiring and breathtaking website are created here – in TemplateTuning studio!

Grab our most favored package deal – simple 6 Page Website for as little as $299.

From a tiny tweak to a complex e-commerce website – just ask or fill in the form!

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Get Totally Red!

Another thought about the colors… They all have their meanings which usually come to our mind in real life, like for example black is associated with sorrow, white with purity, purple with royalty, red with anger or romance. And talking about red: how many meanings or associated things can come to your mind if you think about a single red color. Danger, love, revolution,Ferrari, sale, blood, Red Cross, charity, wine, middle-age crisis… In web design half of those are not used. Well only in a case it is really related to the items described by the meaning.

Red is a very strong and dominated color. It takes all the attention. All the banners and slogans that should attract the visitors usually made in red. If you need any detail to be emphasized on your website – make it red!

But some designers take another step forward and create the whole website in bright red colors. Even though most people agree it is hard to read on a red background no matter what color the font is: white or black I still think that if you have not so highly informative website with lines and lines and lines of text you can overcome this problem with using non-standard fonts and sizes. And that can make your website stand out!

And if you think that red color is too aggressive and bright for a website just think of it’s shades. The shades of red color can give you totally opposite impression. For example the feeling of comfort (that can be a good for a restaurant or a book store/library website).

To make it more visible I have looked through more than a hundred of different websites that have a red color as their main and have chosen the best (to my opinion) examples of the red websites. See for yourself.

Tips For Getting The Best Graphic Design Package

When buying something for the very first time it is quite normal to feel doubts like if you will be able to have an excellent deal. And for this alone expert businessmen would anticipate such situation by researching the needs of the market. This is indeed a many known problems noted by venture takers and statistician because more and more people settle on this what they so-called passive income. But this can be good only if you consider various revenues with which there are limitless opportunities. And so going forth the idea of a booming business is to be able to come up with an intelligent step especially for beginners. Here are some tips for getting the best graphic design package to attract potential customers.

Starting out with Professional logos in your package

The broad graphic design package is quite confusing to get all of this done in time and for that expert and creative innovation tools are required. Good thing today’s competitive world has already fixed this type of small business concerns through expert advice. Essentially a company without a logo is like any bought food package without a label on it, you cannot seem to feel safe on eating it. No one in this world would preferably choose products in supermarket without a label or a brand name as it cannot ensure quality. It goes the same thing in your chosen firm no matter how small it is still you need stand out against competitors. Here are some factors to consider when getting professional logos design for your small business in order for it to be recognized easier.

Customized Logo for originality and Business branding

All of us at some point of time are in great search for the best strategies for market attraction. Business sectors to be exact are perhaps the fastest to update in just about everything. This is the reason why no matter how small your business can be still you have to make it remarkable and graphic design package caters to that. Putting yourself in a simple day to day to situation wherein you think of how a person becomes recognizable. It could be because of the physical attributes, the personality and specific gesture. Obviously what strikes us to a person is through the physical appearance. Therefore, it is just like in business wherein creating an eye catching customized logo is a huge advantage especially for your business branding.

However we make use of the offers in a graphic design package your customized website would never be a success if there is no consistency.


About the Author: Roderick Hunnicutt, Small Business Advisor at Socratic Investments, LLC

Website: Socratic SBC.

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Dynamic Sports Website Templates

When creating a website related to sports, our first aim is to show the action and express power and energy. Sport is about motion and abilities, that’s why the whole website should fit the basic philosophy of active lifestyle!

Our collection of Sport Templates can be divided into 3 sub-categories: athletic informational websites (sport schools, sections, sports in general, forums, sport blogs, personal pages etc), sportswear and equipment e-commerce websites (stores) and sports event websites.

All the designs are created to provide information to users, who surf the web in search of something specific about sports, as well as to engage and immerse them.

Carefully designed layouts help to place the information in a logical way, color schemes are sports related, and all other UI elements are balanced harmoniously.

We don’t tend to overload the designs with effects and animations. The layouts reflect motion and energy.

Enjoy the showcase of our fabulous designs: pay attention to how different UI elements play crucial role in expressing the message to users.

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What To Expect In 2014 Web Design

On a regular basis we write something new about web design trends. The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to review and foresee the hottest trends, which we can expect to be leading in web design of 2014.

Let’s start with TYPOGRAPHY:

We expect original fonts to be widely used in 2014. Let’s forget about Helvetica and Arial, and find new ways to express the originality and creativity at your website.


Slide-shows (also known as sliders at websites Home pages) are getting less popular and large images come to replace them. Big, high-quality pics are pleasant to look at in comparison to slides which rotate automatically and don’t let the user fix the attention.


By a simple color scheme we understand the one of 1 or 2 colors. “Simplification” will be a new trend, when we speak about UI and color themes. A simple color scheme perfectly matches flat design, but still it will be very important to choose those 2 colors competently and accurately.


Watching a video requires less effort than reading : ) Yeah, we are getting more tech-savvy, but at the same time much lazier! Video content is currently one of the most viral content types in social media, so just don’t let this trend go unnoticed.


Obviously, this list of web design tendencies is not final, but really subjective and intuitive – we assume there will be more trends to appear in 2014. So, let’s stay tuned!

Are You Scared, Guys?! Hallowe-e-en!

Halloween has always been a holiday full of mystery, magic and superstition. Our Halloween ghosts are often super fearsome and evil, and our customs and superstitions are super scary as well.

In a few days supernatural figures like vampires, monsters, ghosts, nighttime creatures such as bats, skeletons, witches, and devils will walk along the streets in many cities of the universe. Are you ready? Have you already made a decision about your Halloween costume?

Halloween season is a great time to customize your website design with Template Tuning. Our Halloween website templates are great for anyone who wants to run an online Halloween store or a website that is oriented to the holiday season at hand.

Don’t be scared: just go ahead and browse our collection to find that one and only design for you. And remember the holiday is always as close as you want it to be.

Innovative And Inspiring Website Templates

TemplateTuning presents innovative designs in the template collection.

We want our customers to create websites based on ultra-modern template designs!

The layout is the basis of any website. The user is guided through its sections, modules and widgets and understands what is most significant. The general aesthetic of the website is highly dependent on the layout as well. We always think carefully about how to help you organize website content. That’s why all the templates are really well thought-out.

Browse our collection and find the inspiring and innovative layouts: they are designed to improve the user experience of a website, and improve the usability, which is important.

We always put ourselves in the customers’ shoes: what should be the general website message? How should be the creativity expressed? And so on..

Stay with us, follow the latest trends and be modern!