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Trick or Treat?

Costume parties, bonfires, jack-o’-lanterns, apple bobbing, haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films… Guess, what I am talking about?

Yep, we all celebrate Halloween today!

All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve, known as Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October. The spookiest holiday is already knocking at the doors all around the world. Trick or treat?

Gourd-like orange fruits inscribed with ghoulish faces are illuminated with candles, and ghost stories are told at Halloween parties. Hundreds of people are already putting  on outstanding costumes or Halloween decorations; others search for the useful information and ideas to enjoy the holiday as much as possible. If Halloween  is not just a holiday at the end of October for you, but also a business, you are welcome to our website!

Search option at our website includes the category “Halloween Templates” – so feel free to browse it and you’ll  find website templates for a blog about All Saint’s Eve or online-store for Halloween costumes and decorations.

There is no doubt that you will pick out a very special template, which meets your needs and is the most appealing to you.

We are glad to offer you our service at any time of a year, for every holiday. And be sure, that even the scariest ghosts and mythical monsters, which are to appear on the 31st of October, will never prevent us from providing you with high-quality products and first class service.

Happy Halloween!

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Happy Birthday to Us and Each and Everyone from our Team!

We want to share that happy moment with you. As we’ve been working all these years for you and your benefit. All these years we’ve been doing projects for you, new designs for you, websites, logos, everything for you.

We were working hard to stay on top of this business so you could use our services right when you need them. We did everything to have best specialists in this field to be able to provide services you need. We browsed hundreds of pages of IT news to be aware of new trends and technologies, to learn them and use them, just because you need them. We shared our experience with you, and also listened to your comments to follow your needs. We provided different trainings for our team members for them to be the best in this field. And we will continue doing our best to stay here for you.

It all started as a help. A help to those who were starting business in the net, who had no skills in web design, who had no time for learning all this stuff. Now it is still the same. Almost.

Now everyone has no time, literally. No time to run to grab some lunch. No time to take your kids from school. No time for grocery shopping. No time to walk, no time to talk, no time to read about new requirements and update your site that was made…what? 2005? How many times since then have you updated your browser and flash player? Ok, for the last 3 months? Nowadays everything is changing so fast – new technologies, new trends, new marketing rules. In case it is not your direct business why should you know and pay attention to all that “cross browserness”, JS, iframes, HTML5, JQuery, DNS? You have so many “helpers” in your real life (nannies, food delivery, etc), don’t you think you can also use some help from IT specialists as well?

No need to say that the whole world is captured by IT progress. All you do is hear about new changes, updates, progress, more changes…

Nothing has changed only in our way to help you save some time at least at what we know best – web design. 3 easy steps are still here for you: choose, discuss and monitor to receive a result you need. All you need to know is that we were here for the whole 8 years and still are and will be.

Template Tuning is 8 years old. More experienced, more creative, more reliable. Just for you, with you, at any time you need us.