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Quality Content Is Way Too Important!

Guys, we are eager to remind you that we still have two very nice active offers!
Please, check:

– Full site customization (CMS based): CMS template installation, changing logo and menu names, adding content on 4-6 pages. – $299
*offer is active for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal templates
5 html pages Content Package: We add your content to 5 html pages template with a flash header. – $399

You might want to figure out the benefits of ordering the above mentioned services. The answer is quite simple: you save your time and effort, while our team of professional designers and programmers is building a website for you.

As a result, you get a fully-functional nice-looking website within the shortest possible time. Basically, these offers are the best option for those who are new to web design.
The procedure of making an order is pretty simple:
-you choose a pre-made template
-provide us with the texts and pictures for the site
-let our production team implement your content in shortest terms.

We also need to remind you about the importance of uploading the unique and relevant content to your website. Even if you are a newbie, we bet you know what is SEO, page rank and Google indexing. Thus you should keep in mind, that dull and duplicate content will never work for your success and getting a high page rank in your professional niche.

You should realize, that when Google robots find more than one piece of identical content on the web, they can hardly determine which version is more relevant to a given search query. This can result in ranking and website traffic losses, which of course will do no good for your business!

So, please, make sure your content is unique, relevant and topical!
And we will do our best to assist you in integrating your great content nicely into your website!
Stay with us!

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Quote of The Day

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Global Wind Day

I bet you do not know that today, June 15th, the world celebrates the Global Wind Day!

European Wind Energy Association and Global Wind Energy Council coordinate the Global Wind Day .

The aim of this celebration is to educate people about wind energy, give and exchange information about wind power and it’s possibilities to alter different things in the world.

In fact, thousands of individuals are involved in the production of alternative sources of energy – wind energy, solar energy, hydrogen and biomass energy. Such natural power sources still seem to be a mystery in our modern world!

If you work in alternative power industry, or if you want to to share your eco-friendly ideas, products and services, please check our Alternative Power Templates.

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Quote Of The Day

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New Summer Offer!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

As we are always glad to provide you a high-class service for the good price, we introduce our new summer OFFER – any 5 social media icons for $29 only!

Recently, in our blog we discussed the importance of sharing and establishing a dialog between individuals, communities and organizations in the web-world!

Social media icons at your website will definitely help you to be noticed and followed anywhere – whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, LiveJournal, Foursquare, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube or any other social network!

Feel free to contact our managers in the chat and request adding any 5 social media buttons to your template for $29 only!

Enjoy summer offers from TemplateTuning!

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Quote Of The Day

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Quote Of The Day

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Let The Strongest WIN!

Euro 2012

In 2007 Ukraine and Poland were chosen by UEFA’s Executive Committee to be the countries to host Euro 2012.

Only one day is left before the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship will start!

The final tournament will be held between 8 June and 1 July 2012.

This championship will determine the best football-team in Europe. As you probably know, soccer in the USA also gets more and more popular. So, Euro 2012 will be for sure the main point of attention for the nearest month!

An interesting fact is that in April 2012 Google introduced the service of panoramic views of the 8 stadiums which will take part in the championship, as well the cities, in which the games will take place.

This event will attract attention not only of the dedicated football fans, but, we may say, of EVERYONE! Europe will forget about local troubles for some time and watch and follow fixedly every match game!

We should mention that it is the first time when both nations (and in fact, eastern Europe) will host the tournament of such significance.

Honestly speaking, eastern Europe is kind of a Terra incognita for us, would you disagree? We do not know much about then, that’s why Euro 2012 is a good chance for the whole world to learn more about these countries, their cultures and people.

So, we look forward to the great sport performances, and let the strongest WIN!

P.S. Don’t forget to check our Sport templates!

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How To Make Your Blog Unique

Starting a blog
So, you’ve got something to say and you need a blog? That’s great! Just try not to turn your great idea into one of millions of boring faceless blogs.

A blog starts with choosing a platform (backend) for it. You may use free platforms (like Blogspot), but keep in mind, that they do not provide enough freedom in customization. If you make up your mind to add a useful unique feature to your blog one day, you might face a lot of limits of the platform. That’s why we suggest to use your own hosting with free open source platforms for blogs.

No doubt, that WordPress is the king of free blog platforms. You may customize anything in it, add dozens of free/paid plugins to power up your blog, enable/disable comments, likes, tags, etc. Other blog platforms merely can compete with WordPress in variety of functions and changes.

Free or premium wordpress themes?
“I found a nice free template, why don’t I use it for my blog?” Well, you may use it, if you intend to make just “another wordpress blog”, not a unique one. Using a popular free theme is the worst solution ever, as millions of other blogs are using the same theme. Visitors won’t distinguish you among other bloggers. Your site will become “another plain blog”.

Premium WordPress themes are not so expensive. $50 and the theme is yours. Now you may be sure, that a chance to meet another site with a similar design is zero. You might be sure, that html/css of your theme is validated. You might be sure, that you won’t get some malicious 64bit code in the files of your theme. And finally, you can be sure, that your blog will have its own face.

Advanced editing
If you have enough tech skills, it would be useful to change theme colors, layout and other things. This will really turn your blog into a unique and eye-catching design. If you lack time to learn html/php/css, you may just torn to our live chat to get a quote for theme customization and then just fill in your content using admin page.

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