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Speed. Passion. Cars Templates

Cars, trucks, vans, tuning, performance, street racing that is what the category Cars Templates
for.  If you would like to deal with cars you should choose one of the Cars Web Templates from Template Tuning.

You may find here static, Flash and Swish animated templates as well as CMS templates like Joomla and Drupal and of course there are plenty of e-commerce Cars Web Templates for building your successful online business.

Please choose the one that catches your eye to give your cars website a stunning look.

Feel free to order web template customization from Template Tuning.

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Fact Of The Day

Gift Templates For Holiday Season!

«Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness.»
– Richard Bach

Well, guys, holidays are knocking at our doors! Make sure you are well-prepared for them!

Check our collection of  Gifts Website Templates!

Gifts Website Templates are created for gifts catalogs and stores; Christmas gifts stores and Wedding services and accessories, etc.

They will also work for Event planner websites.

All the elements on Gifts template are full with the spirit of celebration. By applying general customization you will get the website which matches your requirements.

If you do not want to waste your valuable time, order web templates customization at Template Tuning.

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Industrial Templates

TemplateTuning presents Industrial Templates designs for plumbing, home repairing services, pool maintenance, building services and many others related to industrial services works.

Many of the templates are provided in online- store format with built-in commerce capabilities.

These templates can be easily modified from basic editing programs to meet client´s taste and requirements. Furthermore, feel free to make use of professional web templates customization provided by Template Tuning.

Stay with TemplateTuning!

Art & Photography Templates

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”, – Pablo Picasso

Enjoy appealing designs of Template Tuning collection of Art & Photography Web Templates.

These templates are the right choice for photographers, art dealers, galleries and portfolios. No matter if you are building personal page or some specific website Art & Photography template will work great for you.

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”, – Aristotle

To save your time and effort please feel free to order template customization services from our experienced Template Tuning team!

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Your Computer Store

Computers Website Templates are good for those who are looking to build computer-related website.

No matter if you´re selling computer or accessories, or provide repair services you will find suitable design for yourself.

Computers templates are presented in different formats – HTML, animated, CMS and e-commerce, which can be customized with basic software programs or via admin-panel.

Choose computers website templates at Template Tuning now and contact us – we will help you to customize it!

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The Power of Green

Black Friday is over, guys! We hope that your Christmas shopping season had a great start!

Alright, Monday has already started and the whole working week is ahead of us! Let’s make this dull November Monday joyful and bright!

Check out our collection of optimistic green templates!

If green is your corporate color or your business is landscape maintenance, or agriculture, our templates will perfectly meet your needs!

The first step is to choose a design which will be the basis of your future website. You can browse our templates by categories, using the list below or using the search form to combine multiple search criteria.

Stay with TemplateTuning and feel free to order our customization services!

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The Art Of Web Design

Recently, I was surfing the Web, and came across a great collection of video episodes by PBS Digital Studios titled “OFF BOOK”.

The “OFF BOOK”  explores cutting edge arts and the artists that make it.

“Breaking the mold of the definition of art, OFF BOOK explores the avant-garde, the experimental and the underground artforms that are supported by online communities. The bi-weekly, web exclusive series includes episodes on typography, steampunk, internet culture, video game art and more”.

The group of creators explains:

“The explosion of the Internet over the past 20 years has led to the development of one of the newest creative mediums: the website.

Web designers have adapted through the technological developments of html, CSS, Flash, and JavaScript, and have mastered the balance between creativity and usability.

Now with the advance of mobile, the greatest websites have taken user experience and responsive design to the next level, and continue our evolution from print to a digital world”.

Season One of OFF BOOK is available here. It covers different topics like Visual Culture Online, Video Games, Generative Art, Product Design, The Evolution of Music online and many other!

Season Two is available here. And it touches the notions of Web Design Art, the Culture of Reddit, Color Effect, Impact of Twitter on Journalism, Animated GIFs and etc!

Learn more about Web World and enjoy being a part of it!

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TemplateTuning Social Project

TemplateTuning team gladly announces the LAUNCH of a SOCIAL PROJECT!

TemplateTuning grants a FREE website building for the following institutions:

  • sports organizations;

  • non-commercial establishments;

  • medical and Children Care organizations;

  • Social Care foundations.

You can apply, if your organization belongs to one of the above-listed categories and numbers 5,000 members.

Organizations, which total includes less than 5,000 members can get the discount of 50% for website building project.

Feel free to contact TemplateTuning Marketing and Development Department: [at]

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