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Get Adjusted! :)

When talking about trends and IT progress let’s turn our attention to a new “must have” for any business company – a responsive website. The world goes mobile, and more people are browsing web on mobile devices like tablets or smartphone. So, you should realize the importance of being “mobile” for your website.  Never let it get messed up, when a user is surfing your website on a tablet. The website should be perfectly displayed on any device!

Compare the time and number of emails you are sending from your laptop and from your iPhone. Are they close enough? Of course if you are a business person and spend a lot of time traveling you cannot afford to spend all that time in a car, traffic jams, airports for just nothing. Time is money and you value your time. So you have to deal with your business on a go. Your email box is always with you and you are browsing and browsing all the time… And do you remember a feeling of frustration when you open a big site and have to scroll up and down and to the sides? Do people have to do the same on your site? So don’t you think it is time to set a responsive version of your site –  we are ready to help you with the technical part. It will have the same look and feel, and in addition will perfectly adjust to any screen resolution. Help your customers to be able to find you everywhere.

Contact us with more questions about responsive feature!

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Your Big Summer Day

It’s sweet summer time… Besides dreaming about vacations and pool-parties, happy weeks at the seaside and lunches at the park, a lot of couples are getting married during the summer months.

Indeed, the weather is great (an amazing open-air wedding party can be organized and enjoyed by all), open dresses can be very seducing, great pictures will be taken.

I believe you know what I mean. So let’s say you have a wedding planner, music band, Your song, dance, photographer, rings and of course THE dress – everything is set for a Big day. But do you have any ideas on how to present and keep that day “alive”? Good old photo album – is nice, your love story short movie – is great! And have you ever considered setting up a website? I am talking about a website dedicated to your wedding, where you can share the idea, post the photos and get the comments of your friends? It will be your personal pages for future memories. Choose one of our wedding templates as a unique option to present you wedding day!

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Spice Up Your Midweek Blues – Eat Pizza!

Yes, we do love Italian cuisine! Yes, it’s Wednesday and we are already in our midweek blues. It’s time to spice up the life and experience new feelings and tastes.
Tonight we dine out in Italian restaurant and try new pizza tastes. How does prosciutto, arugula and Parmesan sound to you?
“You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six” – Yogi Berra.

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap” – Kevin James.

“And I don’t cook, either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza” – Tiger Wood.

“I talked to a calzone for fifteen minutes last night before I realized it was just an introverted pizza. I wish all my acquaintances were so tasty” – Jarod Kintz.

“Pizza is like the entire food pyramid!” – Madeline Ole.

“I wish success could be ordered like delivery pizza, because I’d order take out
” – Jarod Kintz.
And yes, we do have templates for Italian restaurants! If you own one, feel free to contact us and we will help you to develop your business online!

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Web Development Myths

There is one common myth about building a website. People tend to thinks that the more they pay for website development (design, programming, SEO etc), the better the work and final result will be.

Believe me or not, the truth behind this myth can be very disappointing: the website that is very expensive may be very low-quality, as well. And vice versa: professionals may charge a low rate, but produce great work.

Obviously, the best way to evaluate the work quality produced by a designer or developer is to see the portfolio (a showcase of previous works) done for customers. If you see the quality works, you can expect high-quality result done for you, regardless the rate that is charged.

There is one important thing to be mentioned: do not expect the quality work to be done fast and for cheap. If you want fast work cheap, of course, it won’t be quality! Is it fair enough? I definitely think so : )

Competent web designers and developers work in TemplateTuning. Choose your project budget and we will be glad to provide professional web design and development services, which will meet your needs and expectations.

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Creative Fashion Ecommerce Website Designs

Plenty of ecommerce websites are being published online every single minute. Small and big businesses tend to go online and make sales in web. That’s why it’s very important to present and display the products in an advantageous way.

Excellent design is a goal, if you work in fashion and plan to open fashion online-store. The harmonic and stylish overall look and feel of the website are very important for reaching your target audience and meeting their needs. User-friendly website navigation and layout will help you to make sales.

Our e-commerce fashion templates can be your inspiration, so choose any Magento, Jigoshop, Prestashop, Virtuemart, Opencart, Zencart or osCommerce for building a website. TemplateTuning customization services will help you to achieve the excellence of e-commerce design.

What features contribute to eye-catching design? First of all, you can show off your latest collection on the homepage, and focus on presenting the featured collection to your brand lovers. Navigation should be easy, so that your customers do not get lost in the woods of multiple pages and categories trying to find what they need.

Think of the combination of colors, which clearly represent your brand and, at the same time, stimulate users to make purchase. Your website should give exciting feel of getting special clothes for each customer. Your online-store should speak a message: “We’ll make you stylish”, “Touch the luxury”, “Stand out wearing our brand” – whatever represents your fashion business “religion” will work out.

Be creative and do not be afraid to stand out : ) TemplateTuning team will gladly help you to build your dream-website and achieve success in web!

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Luxurious Black In Web Design

Black is the color of coal, ebony, and of outer space. It is the darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light. It is the opposite of white and often represents darkness in contrast with light” – this is the definition given by all-knowing Wikipedia.

Well, it would not be a mistake to say that very often black color is associated with negativeness, fear, magic, power, violence and evil. But we forget that black is also the color of power and elegance.

Indeed, if used for brand, black color is associated with luxury, authority and perspective. You can make people spend money by using black, as it is a sign of luxurious things and prosperity. By using black in your website, you give your customers the feeling of sophistication and belonging to high class…

There are just a few important things to remember, if you decide to go with black design: correct fonts, color of the latter and contrast in general.
Mind the distance between the blocks – there should be enough space between lines, of course. Too sophisticated fonts won’t work out – the simpler they are, the better they will be perceived.
Using pure white fonts on solid black background will tire your users, because of the maximum contrast level. We highly recommend to soften the the contrast by shades, gradients and light-beige fonts.

Good luck! : )

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The Importance Of Problem-Solving Content

People browse the web with certain aims and purposes: it’s obvious, that they search for information to satisfy their needs.

Obviously, you are not building a website for your personal usage, are you? In case you want to build it for yourself, then just keep it offline, and that’s it. Your website is for users and all users have certain goals and needs. The understanding of this simple concept should help you in creation of your content.

So, provide the users with relevant information, help them reach their goal, tell them in detail about your product, solve their problems by providing good content.

Remember just one thing: your content should be problem-solving, and as a result, you’ll get satisfied users/visitors, who will turn into your regular customers.

You wouldn’t disagree, if I say that it’s always irritating, when your are browsing webpages seeking the answer, but cannot find it!

Don’t make your customers feel like lost in the woods of useless information. Guide them carefully through your website and help to find what they need. Otherwise, none of you will get anything out of it.

Always study the behavior of the audience on your website (Google Analytics can tell you everything). How much time do they spend on each page? What pages are the most popular? What site content is not appreciated at all? Stay aware of the purpose of your audience, when they come to your website! Offer them what they want and be on the top!

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Tricks Of Successful Web Design

It is all about details! Web design and development is all about getting deep into details. Definitely.

Basically, there are 3 pillars, which guarantee a great result and creation of really good website. Today we are going to speak about

  • texts and fonts
  • color and gradients
  • icons and elements

So, let’s start with color and gradient. We recommend to stick to a defined color scheme, which (it’s highly advisable) corresponds to your corporate colors!Indeed, color is almost as important as your logo, it also sets the general look, feel and mood of your website.Once you have decided with color scheme, pay great attention to shadows and gradients.

Text and Fonts

Typography IS important, believe me. A correctly chosen font will, for sure, positively benefit to the look of your website. But do not use a variety of different fonts, otherwise the website will look too eclectic, and the concept will be distorted. Make sure text is readable e. Your business key words, headers or important information of any type should stand out (it’s obvious!).

Icons and Elements

Honestly, I’ve never come across the website which does not use icons and elements at all. They might be the tiniest things on the website (almost unnoticeable), but they are definitely an integral and essential part of a great design. Newsletter box, login form, sound bars, navigational buttons etc should all fit the general style of your website.


We all should realize that it’s the tiny things which make the website design not plain, but outstanding. If one ignores these details, the whole website concept can be easily ruined.
So, think about color and gradients, texts, icons and elements, when working on your project with us. Our team of professional designers will assist you with recommendations to create awesome overall website look!

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“Designing For Emotion” by Aaron Walter

Who must read “Designing For Emotion” by Aaron Walter: designers (of course), sales managers, project managers or any other users, who want to improve the look and functionality of the web-services, they own or use.

Basically, the book presents a number of successful website re-design samples, which provoked not only positive visual perception, but also qualitative changes like sales boost, positive feedback, and increasing number of orders from customers.

What one can learn from reading the book?

  • The industry of web design and development grows so rapidly, that one should always go with the times, stay updated, constantly learn and communicate.
  • Contrast and minimalism will always help your website to stand out. On the stage of developing the website, pay lots of attention and effort to corporate identity and general style!
  • A successful website, which makes good sales, is one that uses human identities and images with people.
  • Creating a website with personality gives users a sense of human-to-human interaction.
  • You will learn what emotional design is and how it uses personality, humor, and positive experiences to meet human needs on web sites.
  • The approach of emotional engagement will for sure benefit your online business. You will discover how surprise, delight, anticipation, and priming can work for you.

Always study the needs of your target audience, because the understanding of them will lead you to success.
“Designing For Emotion” by Aaron Walter will definitely benefit your knowledge and experience! We recommend it for reading.

Flat Design – What Is It All About?

Are you familiar with the term “flat design»?

It is one of the hottest discussion topics among web designers today. What’s special about flat design? Basically, flat design does not use any extra effects or decorations. All elements or boxes, image frames, navigation buttons and etc, are clear-cut and lack shadows, gradients or edges.

Flat design method was quite popular in the past, and now it has returned back. It would not be a joke, if we state that flat design is just that – flat (thanks, Cap!).

But do not underestimate flat design: it is not completely without effects, of course. Truly speaking, it just lacks extra effects to create “artificial” depth and dimension.

So, what is peculiar to flat design? First of all, it focuses on vivid colors. Color is a key component to making your website elements stand out, and stay in harmony at the same time.

Good content is essential, of course! Flat design does not mean “plain” design, in no way! That’s why typography is very important. The headings, navigation, banners should communicate a message to your visitors – make sure they won’t get lost in the woods of identical texts!

The interface should be simple and user-friendly: all the elements should be of clear use, otherwise they won’t be effective.
The popularity of flat design will grow together with the demand for clean UI and mobile friendly websites. You can go with the trend and create a website, based on flat design! It’s up to you!
Stay with us!