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Dynamic Sports Website Templates

When creating a website related to sports, our first aim is to show the action and express power and energy. Sport is about motion and abilities, that’s why the whole website should fit the basic philosophy of active lifestyle!

Our collection of Sport Templates can be divided into 3 sub-categories: athletic informational websites (sport schools, sections, sports in general, forums, sport blogs, personal pages etc), sportswear and equipment e-commerce websites (stores) and sports event websites.

All the designs are created to provide information to users, who surf the web in search of something specific about sports, as well as to engage and immerse them.

Carefully designed layouts help to place the information in a logical way, color schemes are sports related, and all other UI elements are balanced harmoniously.

We don’t tend to overload the designs with effects and animations. The layouts reflect motion and energy.

Enjoy the showcase of our fabulous designs: pay attention to how different UI elements play crucial role in expressing the message to users.

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What To Expect In 2014 Web Design

On a regular basis we write something new about web design trends. The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to review and foresee the hottest trends, which we can expect to be leading in web design of 2014.

Let’s start with TYPOGRAPHY:

We expect original fonts to be widely used in 2014. Let’s forget about Helvetica and Arial, and find new ways to express the originality and creativity at your website.


Slide-shows (also known as sliders at websites Home pages) are getting less popular and large images come to replace them. Big, high-quality pics are pleasant to look at in comparison to slides which rotate automatically and don’t let the user fix the attention.


By a simple color scheme we understand the one of 1 or 2 colors. “Simplification” will be a new trend, when we speak about UI and color themes. A simple color scheme perfectly matches flat design, but still it will be very important to choose those 2 colors competently and accurately.


Watching a video requires less effort than reading : ) Yeah, we are getting more tech-savvy, but at the same time much lazier! Video content is currently one of the most viral content types in social media, so just don’t let this trend go unnoticed.


Obviously, this list of web design tendencies is not final, but really subjective and intuitive – we assume there will be more trends to appear in 2014. So, let’s stay tuned!