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Website Lab

Not sure if you have enough time and knowledge to build a complete fully-functional website in the shortest terms?
You are lucky, because we definitely know everything about setting up a successful business on the web.
Inspiring and breathtaking website are created here – in TemplateTuning studio!

Grab our most favored package deal – simple 6 Page Website for as little as $299.

From a tiny tweak to a complex e-commerce website – just ask or fill in the form!

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Dynamic Sports Website Templates

When creating a website related to sports, our first aim is to show the action and express power and energy. Sport is about motion and abilities, that’s why the whole website should fit the basic philosophy of active lifestyle!

Our collection of Sport Templates can be divided into 3 sub-categories: athletic informational websites (sport schools, sections, sports in general, forums, sport blogs, personal pages etc), sportswear and equipment e-commerce websites (stores) and sports event websites.

All the designs are created to provide information to users, who surf the web in search of something specific about sports, as well as to engage and immerse them.

Carefully designed layouts help to place the information in a logical way, color schemes are sports related, and all other UI elements are balanced harmoniously.

We don’t tend to overload the designs with effects and animations. The layouts reflect motion and energy.

Enjoy the showcase of our fabulous designs: pay attention to how different UI elements play crucial role in expressing the message to users.

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What To Expect In 2014 Web Design

On a regular basis we write something new about web design trends. The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to review and foresee the hottest trends, which we can expect to be leading in web design of 2014.

Let’s start with TYPOGRAPHY:

We expect original fonts to be widely used in 2014. Let’s forget about Helvetica and Arial, and find new ways to express the originality and creativity at your website.


Slide-shows (also known as sliders at websites Home pages) are getting less popular and large images come to replace them. Big, high-quality pics are pleasant to look at in comparison to slides which rotate automatically and don’t let the user fix the attention.


By a simple color scheme we understand the one of 1 or 2 colors. “Simplification” will be a new trend, when we speak about UI and color themes. A simple color scheme perfectly matches flat design, but still it will be very important to choose those 2 colors competently and accurately.


Watching a video requires less effort than reading : ) Yeah, we are getting more tech-savvy, but at the same time much lazier! Video content is currently one of the most viral content types in social media, so just don’t let this trend go unnoticed.


Obviously, this list of web design tendencies is not final, but really subjective and intuitive – we assume there will be more trends to appear in 2014. So, let’s stay tuned!

Are You Scared, Guys?! Hallowe-e-en!

Halloween has always been a holiday full of mystery, magic and superstition. Our Halloween ghosts are often super fearsome and evil, and our customs and superstitions are super scary as well.

In a few days supernatural figures like vampires, monsters, ghosts, nighttime creatures such as bats, skeletons, witches, and devils will walk along the streets in many cities of the universe. Are you ready? Have you already made a decision about your Halloween costume?

Halloween season is a great time to customize your website design with Template Tuning. Our Halloween website templates are great for anyone who wants to run an online Halloween store or a website that is oriented to the holiday season at hand.

Don’t be scared: just go ahead and browse our collection to find that one and only design for you. And remember the holiday is always as close as you want it to be.

Innovative And Inspiring Website Templates

TemplateTuning presents innovative designs in the template collection.

We want our customers to create websites based on ultra-modern template designs!

The layout is the basis of any website. The user is guided through its sections, modules and widgets and understands what is most significant. The general aesthetic of the website is highly dependent on the layout as well. We always think carefully about how to help you organize website content. That’s why all the templates are really well thought-out.

Browse our collection and find the inspiring and innovative layouts: they are designed to improve the user experience of a website, and improve the usability, which is important.

We always put ourselves in the customers’ shoes: what should be the general website message? How should be the creativity expressed? And so on..

Stay with us, follow the latest trends and be modern!

We Celebrate The 10th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to us! It’s hard to believe we turn 10 years today!

We want to share this terrific moment with you – join us! The whole decade we’ve been working for you, customizing the templates, creating unique designs, developing catchy websites for your business!

We’ve been working hard to stay on top of this business niche, so you could use our services right when you need them.

We’ve done a lot of things to reach a high level of professionalism and gather the best specialists in the field of web design and development, in order to be able to provide the services you need.

Birthdays are always a special time! We want to make our anniversary special for you as well: 40% off on any customization service is offered to everyone, who needs assistance in template customization or developing unique design. Don’t miss out the opportunity to celebrate our 10th Birthday with us!

Brilliant Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries

Are you a photographer seeking a perfect solution to showcase your works online? There is no need to go a long way and hunt about all over the web: we’ve got a perfect variant for you! Meet – Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries.

This category unveils awesome solutions for photo gallery websites. You might be wondering what actually makes these templates so outstanding?

Believe it or not, but you’ll be able to create numerous galleries and easily manage them, upload unlimited amount of photos, edit your photos with the powerful image editor, work with effective widgets and tools. The Gallery itself is edited from user-friendly administrative panel (your hosting should run PHP).

Let’s take a closer look at these photo gallery templates. What are the functional features that make them stand out?

  • Drag & Drop Website Builder: update your website content by dragging and dropping elements. It saves your time and effort.
  • Impressive Design: we guess, there is no need to comment on this : )
  • Richest Set of Galleries: the advanced widgets make it possible to add a background sliding gallery, a carousel gallery, a grid gallery, or a sliding gallery to your website.
  • Powerful Image Editor: you can upload your photos directly from your camera to the Media Library and modify them right in your browser’s window.
  • High Capacity Media Library: upload the unlimited number of photos to your website and store them in a highly organized environment.

September Web Design Inspiration

We should always realize the need of regular updates: people want newbies and fresh original websites.

We can’t deny the fact that IT-industry grows rapidly and a raft of great ideas make it develop constantly. You should not look back, if you want to catch the wave and stay on it – the core principle is non-stop development. The creativity grows from persistent and diligent work. This is the only to stand our from the crowd of other great professionals.

Get inspired by our nice collection of the latest featured website templates. Our aim is to design and develop eye-catching themes that can be used for creation of an amazing website of yours. Explore the themes and be sure to find something outstanding, you’ve always been looking for. If you have any inspiring suggestions, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you to create a website of your dream.

Round The Clock With You And For You

Dear TemplateTuning customers and fans!

We’ve got an amazing piece of news for you – from now we work 24/7. It means that we work non-stop, round-the-clock every single day of the week. So 365 days per year we stay in a constant contact with you – our team can be reached  via chat, phone or ticket system at any time, regardless of your time zone or geographical location.

TemplateTuning knows what it takes to be a leader, and we are always ready for improvements of the customer and support service we provide.

Stay with us!

Updated Samples – Check ’em Out!

TemplateTuning has designed and developed hundreds of unique websites and customized thousands of templates from our collection! So, meet some of our faves and recently completed and launched projects.

Our web design company offers the services which integrate the latest technologies and web design standards to meet your needs for individual project.

We are glad to offer affordable solutions for any budget or business field or industry. We strive for a total satisfaction with a completed project from your side. Hire us!

Feel free to check the fresh samples of our works: enjoy our portfolio here!

You’ll notice that our design portfolio reflects the principles that always guide us through the website development process. We want your future potential website visitors feel comfortable and welcomed while browsing your website. That’s why our primary focus is your product and business success.

We use the latest technologies like responsiveness, functional and flexible frameworks; we enjoy the popular web design trends like flat and long shadow design. We combine the nifty new features of technologies and the ease of website perception!

Stay with us!

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