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We Celebrate The 12th Birthday!


Happy Birthday to us! It’s hard to believe we have  already turned 12 years!

We encourage you to join our Birthday party and enjoy it to the fullest with awesome discounts that we offer – 35% OFF customization service.

We welcome you to our chat room to find out more details about the list of services applicable for discount.

We are thankful to all the customers for trust and support through all these years!



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Tips For Getting The Best Graphic Design Package

When buying something for the very first time it is quite normal to feel doubts like if you will be able to have an excellent deal. And for this alone expert businessmen would anticipate such situation by researching the needs of the market. This is indeed a many known problems noted by venture takers and statistician because more and more people settle on this what they so-called passive income. But this can be good only if you consider various revenues with which there are limitless opportunities. And so going forth the idea of a booming business is to be able to come up with an intelligent step especially for beginners. Here are some tips for getting the best graphic design package to attract potential customers.

Starting out with Professional logos in your package

The broad graphic design package is quite confusing to get all of this done in time and for that expert and creative innovation tools are required. Good thing today’s competitive world has already fixed this type of small business concerns through expert advice. Essentially a company without a logo is like any bought food package without a label on it, you cannot seem to feel safe on eating it. No one in this world would preferably choose products in supermarket without a label or a brand name as it cannot ensure quality. It goes the same thing in your chosen firm no matter how small it is still you need stand out against competitors. Here are some factors to consider when getting professional logos design for your small business in order for it to be recognized easier.

Customized Logo for originality and Business branding

All of us at some point of time are in great search for the best strategies for market attraction. Business sectors to be exact are perhaps the fastest to update in just about everything. This is the reason why no matter how small your business can be still you have to make it remarkable and graphic design package caters to that. Putting yourself in a simple day to day to situation wherein you think of how a person becomes recognizable. It could be because of the physical attributes, the personality and specific gesture. Obviously what strikes us to a person is through the physical appearance. Therefore, it is just like in business wherein creating an eye catching customized logo is a huge advantage especially for your business branding.

However we make use of the offers in a graphic design package your customized website would never be a success if there is no consistency.


About the Author: Roderick Hunnicutt, Small Business Advisor at Socratic Investments, LLC

Website: Socratic SBC.

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Quote of The Day

Vintage Style All Over!

Old is not bad. Using something old can turn to chic. And stop calling it old – call it vintage, call it retro! Retro style is everywhere! You can see in runway shows, in the street fashion, furniture, commercials, postcard and of course in the web. And why not? If your clothes can be trendy and vintage at the same why your website should be aside of retro style? And don’t think that vintage can be used for fun only. A lot of companies all over the world give a new breath to their websites taking some themes from the past. That can be some characters, illustrations, backgrounds or simply fonts. And a huge variety of styles to choose from 90s, 80s, 50, 30s….

Promotional Websites – Reach Your Customers

Promotional website is a separate type of the websites in the net. Those sites are made specially for 1 product only. And the reason for that is (as understandable from the name) to promote exactly this one product, upcoming event or a service of the company. Usually this is not a main site. Promotional site is made to show all the benefits of the product in a bright and colorful form to attract the visitors, buyer or potential clients. So the design and animation should really stand out!
And the size should not be very big (no more than 10 pages) with the consideration that most of them should be made for entertainment of the visitors. There can be some online games or brand related item for downloading, such as music, screensavers, icons, wallpapers, etc.
And again – visual effects! In the process of creating of a promotional site your main should be to receive a remarkable, fashionable, a really WOW website. As your visitors will come for a small piece of information, but at the same time they will also eager to spend several minutes on your site and leave it with the feeling they have seen something special. So can you make them to stay for 20 minutes? 30? 40?

And don’t forget about the SEO. Promotional website should be well optimized for the search engines to have the first lines in the search to guarantee a lot of visitors for the site (and that means a bigger profit for a company). And don’t forget to put a link to your main site to interest your visitors in a bigger variety of your products.

Tasty Restaurant Web Templates

The art of eating history goes back in centuries. Food, as water, oxygen or sleep, is an essential part of our lives. Literally, you cannot live without food.

Honestly, we love everything about the best food and drinks — what they are, how they are produced, where to find them. You can hardly find someone who doesn’t have at least one #instafood photo on Instagram : )

We have to admit that earlier, in previous decades, people had more time to cook and food was central to happiness than it is nowadays.

Owners of restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail bars, taverns, pubs and etc – feel free to check out collection of awesome templates, which will perfectly fit your website requirements.
The nice slideshows will help you to showcase your tasty dishes. The color theme will reflect your corporate philosophy and identity.
Make sure you choose the type of the template which will perfectly fit your needs – e-commerce template to sell food, CMS to easily manage the website or HTML to create a flexible layout.
Our cafe and restaurant templates are easy to customize. The templates are specially designed for restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars, diners, pubs, catering services, wineries web sites. We use the latest web standards and follow the coolest trends, so your visitors will have a great experience when using your website.

Awesome WooCommerce Themes

Fall is a perfect time for new releases and updates!

We are glad to introduce a brand-new product category of premium online-stores:  WooCommerce Themes.

If you have previous experience of working with WordPress platform (which is super easy and comfortable to manage), then you might want to build your online-store on the same platform.  Your search is completed, dear customer: meet WooCommerce Themes, which are already available at TemplateTuning.

I guess you’d like to find out what functional features are available in WooCommerce. The functionality is really rich to support a large or medium store. WordPress + WooCommerce imply:

  • stunning theme designs
  • comfortable admin-panel and detailed reporting
  • clear shipping and tax settings
  • easy-to-manage orders, customers, and inventory
  • numerous optimization and promotion options
  • variety of payment gateways
  • extensions support
  • regular bug fixes and updates

Browse our fast-growing collection of WooCommerce templates that will help you to claim your business online.

Stay tuned! Stay with us!

Inspiring Pastel Color Templates

Colors always attract people, and if used wisely they’ll make your website look more vibrant and attractive. We like bright colors, but pastel colors are also our faves!

Using pastel colors in web design is not really traditional or standard, but when used in any website design it gives it a completely new, fresh look and feel.

Please, pay your attention to our inspiring pastel-color templates, we bet you’ll loves these designs. Also, keep in mind that TemplateTuning is always ready to help you with color scheme change to desired colors.

Pastel colors are usually soft, pale, washed-out ones. On the saturation color scale “pastels” are darker than whites and lighter than light colors.

Very often colors of this palette are also described as “soothing”, “near neutral”, “milky”, “desaturated”, or lacking strong chromatic content.

Turquoise, lavender, mauve, primrose yellow, baby pink, baby blue, a soft green called jade green, peach, apricot, salmon pink are all pastels.

So Pinteresting! Reasons To Pin Your Content

One should not deny the fact that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks. So, if you still do not have a profile there, hurry up to create one and join the community.

The importance of visual content is obvious nowadays, that’s why don’t underestimate Pinterest, as it’s a great visual content tool to influence your customers.

While pinning you definitely use keywords and hashtags, and it helps your SEO. Isn’t it great?

If your pins are uploaded from the website, you obviously get great backlinks, which contribute to your link juice.

You can also do crowdsource and market research with a help of Pinterest. This visual network is definitely a new way to comment, like, connect and network.

Make your customers active and engaged, get inspired!

Join as on Pinterest!

Happy Monday!