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Designing Search Box And Breadcrumbs Navigation

In this post we will refer to great articles posted at Smashing Magazine: «Designing The Holy Search Box: Examples And Best Practices» by György Fekete and «Breadcrumbs In Web Design: Examples And Best Practices» by Jacob Gube.

Search box is simple, and I guess, there is no need to explain what it is. As for the breadcrumbs or breadcrumb trail, for those who are not familiar with this term, – it is a navigation aid used in user interfaces. Breadcrumbs typically appear horizontally across the top of a web page, often below title bars or headers.

“On websites that have a lot of pages, breadcrumb navigation can greatly enhance the way users find their way around. In terms of usability, breadcrumbs reduce the number of actions a website visitor needs to take in order to get to a higher-level page. They are also an effective visual aid that indicates the location of the user within the website’s hierarchy, making it a great source of contextual information for landing pages”, – states Jacob Gube in his post.

So, basically breadcrumb is of great use on websites with multiple pages, moreover for online-store websites it should be a must!

Jacob Gube reviews the types of breadcrumbs, the cases of breadcrumbs usage, benefits and mistakes of breadcrumb trail implementation.

You can continue reading the full post here, and also keep in mind that TemplateTuning team is always ready to help you with breadcrumb navigation!

When to use search? What is search box? How to make it clear what users can search for? Where can I find search box showcase? If you are concerned with any of these questions, feel free to read the full post «Designing The Holy Search Box: Examples And Best Practices» by György Fekete. The post will for sure answer most of your questions about site search and search box design!

You can order site search feature with us – TemplateTuning team will gladly assist you! Feel free to contact us!

The Sun Authority – Sunglasses Store Templates

The sun is shining brighter and brighter every new spring day!

We all should not forget about protecting our eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses are not just a stylish accessory. Sunglasses are essential protection eye-wear!

It’s pretty much interesting how sunglasses became what they are today. Actually, sunglasses history starts in early 12th century in China.

Modern technology changed the whole concept and purposes of sunglasses. Centuries ago people were holding green gems to their eyes trying to observe gladiator events more comfortably.

Nowadays we wear glamorous oversized frames and they perfectly complete our stylish look. From function to fashion – this was sunglasses’ journey through history!

Here are a few tips about sunglasses cleaning!

Basically, the best way to clean sunglasses is with a drop of liquid soap and warm water.

  • Moisten the lenses and frame with warm tap water.
  • Dab a drop of soap on thumb or forefinger and gently rub into the lenses and throughout frame and arms.
  • Rinse glasses delicately with warm water.
  • Dry with a lint-free cloth.

If you are an owner of sunglasses store, it’s high time to go live in web!

Claim your presence in Internet and build online-store! You cannot imagine, how many potential customers shop online!

You can earn more and grow your business with us.

Browse our category of Fashion E-commerce templates, and you’ll find really great themes for building a store in your niche! They are easily customizable and most of them have admin-panel (back-end) and embedded shopping-cart, checkout functionality by default!

Feel free to contact TemplateTuning team for additional customization!

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Personal Web Pages

Have you ever considered the idea of creating a personal web page?

Basically, personal web pages are often created and used only for informative or entertainment purposes.

If you need some self-promotion, then a personal web page will be of great use for you!

You can provide information about yourself or just as something “cool” about your life and what you do.

In our opinion, a personal page is a great, simple tool of claiming your online presence. Our Personal Pages templates give you the opportunity to set up a very quick and easy personable website that tells the visitors about your activity and personality.

Both individual, personal web sites and personal social networking accounts give the user a personally customized web presence. Nowadays most Internet users join free social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts pursuing the same purposes as a personal webpage. Though having a personal webpage, and not just a standard social media account or business page, gives you more prominence, indeed.

Personal Page is definitely a must, for those who wish to express themselves for the whole world! Using any of our Personal Pages templates you can show your photos, tell about your personality and introduce yourself to the web world!

If you want your personal web-site be as unique as you are, feel free to contact us – we’ll be glad to help you with a web template customization.


A Fun Approach In Web Design

Each customization project we work with has its set of  aim, needs and requirements. And what is really important about the work we do is that we are eager to create the websites that are memorable.
It is obvious that fun experience is one of the most enjoyable things. It’s also obvious that we notice and memorize things that we find enjoyable.
If we use fun to create an enjoyable user experience, we will offer people a splendid experience that they will not only remember, but one that they might inform others about as well.

I talking point against fun practice in web design is that sometimes customers are convinced their projects have no place for fun.

It’s kind of true that there are projects where adding “fun” is absolutely out of place, though in some cases even websites that are not suited for a fun approach can be made more effective by using fun.

Add some humor to your website: informal tone, nice pictures, which can bring smile to faces of your website visitors, bright colors – they will work out, for sure.

Have some fun, guys.

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2013 Hottest Web Design Trends

I guess it’s high time for a conversation about hottest design trends of 2013.

Here we go:


Adaptive design is more than important nowadays. The amount of users, who browse Internet on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, grows every day! We have many responsive themes in our collection of templates. And of course, we can customize any template to make it responsive!


Many developers together with designers use position: fixed; for navigation menu and website sidebar. This is really a great tradition, especially for the above mentioned responsive websites.


The core of this trend lies in the simplicity of elements, but at the same time in a fully-functional interface. Black and white colors and unrounded corners are widely used in the clean style to show the exactitude of it.


With a help of transition и transform option the designers can easily apply great animation effects (in the past, they were possible only in JS!). This is definitely one of the hottest trends of 2013.


This technique can be used for the websites of travel agencies, model agencies, auto sales center or portfolio of any studio! Such design approach can help to create a stunning catchy website, just dare to use it!

Guys, trends are nothing more than just trends. They come and go. They are hot today and can be forgotten tomorrow. Create your own style and follow it. Stay tuned! Stay with us.

TemplateTuning is ready to help you to design and develop your website!

Feel free to contact us!

Art Of Exterior Design

Welcome to the top-rated Exterior Design collection of templates! We remind you that TemplateTuning is a team of real experts which show excellence and professionalism in web design and development!And we are glad to present our set of Exterior Design templates.

This category includes designs for exterior design companies, individual landscape designers, gardeners and just nature enthusiasts who want to build their online website.

Help people decorate their life with your company. Grow your business online and let other people know about your services. People should be aware of your unique featured projects, and web is the best place to make yourself known.

Landscape design, urban design, exterior consulting, garden design – people need new ideas and fresh advice!

We are sure you provide outstanding quality work in designing outdoor spaces, so feel free to choose one of our Exterior Design templates to build a great website.

Party Friday!

“All I want to do when I have time off is

to have a laugh with my school friends and go down the pub”

Samantha Mumba

Anyone going out to pub tonight? It’s party Friday,  so let’s enjoy it folks!

David Soul said once:

“One of my beliefs is that there are certain institutions within a community which stand for the spirit and heart of that community, there’s the church, the local football team, the local pub and the theater.”

Do you enjoy going out to pub? Or maybe you are a pub owner, aren’t you? How many rounds will be enough for us tonight, huh?

We proudly present a magnificent collection of Brewery website templates. These templates are the right choice for breweries and other beer-related companies, pubs, suppliers etc.

In this section you’ll find Flash templates, CMS templates and static HTML/CSS templates – all of premium quality and all made with love to a great drink. And our professional Template Tuning customization team is always ready to customize  your template to make it even more attractive and bright!

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Making Up

What do we know about make-up? Fashion magazines persuade us, women, that make-up is a must. Do we really have no right to go out without make-up? Hmm, I guess we should not be that much addicted to the recommendations of stylists and fashion-experts. Should we?

Anyway, professional make-up, aka visage, is a real art which requires a high level of skill.

All of us want to be beautiful and attractive! We follow beauty trends and search for beauty tips. And that is great, huh? Beauty will save the world, we strongly believe in this!

If you are engaged in beauty business and plan to build a website for hair salon or cosmetic store, model agency or tattoo salon, feel free to browse our collection of templates!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” said gorgeous Coco Chanel.

But beauty is about finding the right fit, the most natural fit, to be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself — avoid trying to be something you’re not.

Stay always young and beautiful, dear followers!

Stay with us!

Music Templates

“In music the passions enjoy themselves”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Without music, life would be a mistake. This statement is true for most people. Does it have any special sense for you?

Modern technologies give us the opportunity to enjoy music everywhere we go – radio or our play- list on smartphone are always available. Music lovers enjoy the music which sounds in their earphones in transport, library, shopping mall – wherever!

Music Templates section presented at comprises a great variety of web templates that are developed especially for bands, music producers, DJ’s, individual artists, concert venues, recording studios, music fan clubs etc.

Believe us, it takes minimum of time to set up a profitable online music store with the help of our Music Web Site Templates. Choose one of our templates and order our customization services!