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Google Power Searcher

Knowledge is power.
Francis Bacon

We enjoy being trendy and following the newest tendencies in the web-world.

Recently, Google opened a free online course “Power Searching with Google”. This community-based course showcases the techniques of successful web-search and the ways you can use them to solve some everyday issues.

During six 50-minute classes people, who got registered for the course, now learn new tips, tricks and tactics, which will make the search easier and faster.

The course features closed captioned videos, interactive activities to practice new skills, opportunities to connect with others using Google Groups, Google+, and Hangouts on Air.

Those who pass the post-course assessment will get Certificate of Completion.

The first class was released on July 10, 2012, and what is really cool about the course organization is that one can take classes according to his own schedule during a two-week window, alongside a worldwide community! Wherever you are, Google makes education easy for you.

If you are among the guys, who did not get registered for the course till July, 16 – you’ll still be able to view the videos and do the online activities on your own starting July 24, 2012 (although you will no longer be able to earn a certificate).

So, you still have a chance to become a great Internet searcher!

Never stop learning!

*according to

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Strong Enough

Recently, the web world witnessed a huge scandal: on July,12 Ars Technica (a trusted web-source for technology news, tech policy analysis, gadget reviews, software, hardware and etc) reported about leak of more than 450,000 plain-text accounts from a Yahoo service.

The leak was “organized” by team of hackers known as D33Ds Company, who posted in web more than 450,000 passwords of Yahoo users’ accounts.

I have to admit that users’ approach to setting passwords tends to be very creative and considered. Please, read below the list of TOP 10 popular passwords all over the world (and you will understand what I mean):
The absolute leader is password “123456” – 1666 users chose it!

Then go:

2. password = 780
3. welcome = 436
4. ninja = 333
5. abc123 = 250
6. 123456789 = 222
7. 12345678 = 208
8. sunshine = 205
9. princess = 202
10. qwerty = 172

Dudes, I believe that you were wise enough to choose secure passwords for your web-accounts!

Please, keep in mind, that you are the one responsible for the security of your website.

And when we complete the installation of your template and send you the credentials to the admin-area (back-end) of your website, please, do not forget to change them to protect yourself and your information.

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Business WordPress Templates

Everybody knows, that WordPress is usually associated with blog and entertainment sphere. As a result role of WordPress CMS is greatly underestimated. A lot of clients, who worked with WordPress CMS earlier, are usually trying to find a different CMS for new corporate or business sites. Though modern WordPress templates could serve any site purpose: from one-page blog to city/sport portal with hundreds of sections.

Nowadays WordPress is a powerful CMS platform with hundreds of useful functions.

We’re always trying to give our customers the best choice of templates in the net. Take a look at our latest business WordPress themes:

All of them will be a perfect base for your business site. As you can see WordPress themes easily combine corporate/clean style with easy WordPress backend. Do not forget that WordPress admin page is considered to be one of the easiest backends in the world, WordPress templates are flexible and user-friendly.

So if you need a new design for your corporate site, just browse our WordPress themes… We’re sure, you’ll find one you like!

5 Reasons To Choose Premium Joomla Templates

1. You know nothing about web design technologies and you lack time to struggle with frightening words like php, dreamweaver, cascaded style sheets, etc? Use Joomla CMS templates and you’ll see that creating a web site is as difficult as riding a bicycle. It takes you a few hours to learn how to ride, and you will never loose your skills. Joomla was my first CMS and I still believe that it’s the best combination of functionality and flexibility of admin interface.

2. Believe me or not, but in general people choose templates to save time and money. Why spend thousands of dollars for unique design with dozens of revisions and development stages, if it’s possible to set up a full site during a weekend? If you do not intend to win website design contest, Joomla templates will surely do the trick.

3. The variety of different Joomla template designs is spoiled for choice. Premium Joomla templates vendors usually try to present as many possibilities as possible. TemplateTuning issues a few new templates every day. It might take a few days to browse hundreds of free templates and choose nothing, while it will take just a few hours to find what you need among paid solutions. Also take into consideration, that it’s almost impossible to find another website with the same design in the net if you’re using Premium Joomla template.

4. Joomla templates not only allow you to get a beautiful webpage in a few clicks, it allows you to create a really powerful functional portal without any programming skills. Just imagine, that you can add polls, calendar of events, image and video gallery, comments and a lot of other useful features by installing additional modules from Joomla extension directory and setting up them in admin interface. Becoming programming monster is easier than you think!

5. The last, but not the least advantage of using Premuim Joomla templates is the quality of templates. Premium templates include search-engine-friendly urls of pages of your site, html/css validated pages, plenty of embedded settings, free images/modules and so on.

Responsive Templates – More Than A Flexible Solution For Your Website

Every so often we hurry up to introduce a new service, which will make your website the most up-to-date.

Being on modern lines means being aware of all the new trends which appear in the web-world. So, have you ever heard of responsive web design techniques?

According to Wikipedia, Responsive Web Design essentially indicates that a web site is crafted to use Cascading Style Sheets 3 media queries, an extension of the @media rule, with fluid proportion-based grids, to adapt the layout to the viewing environment, and probably also use flexible images.

If I were a newbie, I would be for sure scared away by such definition!

To make a long story short, responsive web design means creating flexible web designs that respond equally well to different devices and screen sizes – PC’s, tablets, mobile devices etc.

As a result, you do not need to set up your website for mobile devices on a particular subdomain, which is separate from your “main” website.

Believe me or not, but in recent months a huge amount of our customers kept requesting “a website for iPhone and iPad, or any other mobile device”. Indeed, guys, you keep up with the times and keep up with the latest technologies!

And inasmuch as we always try to satisfy your needs and requirements, we introduce a RESPONSIVE VERSION for HTML, Joomla and WordPress templates! Responsive templates resize automatically to fit the size of any screen – whether it be a tablet, or a smartphone, or PC display (horizontal and vertical layout).

The cost of the service is $350:
1. Choose a template (HTML, Joomla or WordPress)
2. Enter LIVE CHAT and order a responsive version of a template
3. Get the work done!

Indeed, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your website develop at exponential rates.

Stay with us, get your website tuned, be with-it!

Grow Your Business with Us!

It is always nice to report good news. Recently we introduced a new product to you – OpenCart templates!

If you did not have a chance to have a look at them yet or in case this is a long-expected piece of news for you, welcome to our new product category – OpenCart templates!

Basically, we offer a wide range of e-commerce templates – Magento, Prestashop, Virtuemart, osCommerce and Zencart, and we are glad to extend the sphere of your opportunities offering a new product.

OpenCart is an e-store, which is already ready to use after the installation. You can start selling and developing your business immediately – install the template, upload products and be ready to take your first orders.

We offer OpenCart template installation for just $99. You will for sure save your time and effort ordering the service with us.

OpenCart comes with a fully functional administrative page, which allows you to make regular updates yourself! Moreover OpenCart is a module based system which allows you as a user to easily extend the functionality for your business needs. We find this to be a very nice advantage!

The world is constantly developing, and we enjoy going with the times. Your success is equal to our success, because that means we managed to help you to get the ball rolling :) Grow your business with us!

Open Cart Templates – Premiere of The Spring

Open source e-commerce templates are certainly changing the way of starting your own internet business from weeks of developing shopping cart site from scratch to a few hours of installation and basic shop set up. No need to search for a php/asp developer, look through his portfolio, send him dozens of updates, waste your time. No need to reinvent the wheel.
We have been offering templates for open source platforms for many years. We have been working with OsOcommerce, Zen-Cart, Magento, VirtueMart, PrestaShop…

Now we’re glad to introduce a new soldier of our huge template army named Mr. Open Cart. The brand new type of templates indeed premiered spring 2012. While the system has a lot of fans all over the world and Open Cart popularity is rapidly growing each day.

Open Cart templates offer admin backend for adding products, numerous useful modules (like related precuts, search, payment/shipment methods, new products and so on), large community (that will help you to solve any problems) and low start-up capital. You don’t need any additional software to edit the template once it’s live. Open Cart admin page is a kind of a good example of usability that has been improved for many years. Perhaps, even my grandma could manage it easily.
To make a long story short, Open Cart templates inherit all functions of the platform:

  • Product Reviews
  • Product Ratings
  • Downloadable Products
  • Automatic Image Resizing
  • Multi-Language
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multiple Tax Rates
  • Related Products
  • Discount Coupon System
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Module System
  • Sales Reports

So where were we? I’d like to admin, that all open cart templates include theme files, same data and source data, so it will take a few minutes to upload the template on your hosting and make it look like sample live demo.
Still have a couple questions about customization? Feel free to visit our sales chat to get a free quote about installation or customization of open cart templates.

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Which CMS to Use

Part 2. Drupal

Drupal templates is a good choice if you need to build your website quickly and don’t want to learn all kinds of html/css coding features. Drupal is a CMS (content management system), so all Drupal sites store content in a database and it’s possible to edit content through admin online page. In other words, you don’t need any advanced html editing skills to create your own site; you’ll have just to learn how to work with Drupal backend.

Drupal templates are easy to customize. Admin page is pretty easy even for non tech-savvy persons. Unlike many other CMS platforms, Drupal backend is “integrated” in the design. No need to search for an article or post/page in your admin interface. You can choose a page you want to edit on your site and just click a button to edit it.

Drupal is a platform that supports themes for easy design change. If you want to update your site design, you can just upload a new Drupal theme through your backend, while site content (articles, images) remains unchanged. A few customization steps and your site has a new look.

Another important feature of the platform is friendly website URLs. It means that all your pages will look like in browsers, not just . You can also add custom meta tags for each page. These features are very important for search engines.

There are a lot of useful native features in Drupal templates: visual editor for editing content, blog layout, OpenID login, forum, polls, search, comments, statistics and so on.
Drupal templates were developed for community-based websites. As a result they have a powerful user role management. You can create user groups for your site yourself providing them different access to site management (adding articles, editing articles of other members, site admin functions, etc).

If you need any non-standard plug-in, you can easily download it from the official site. Drupal is an open source platform, so there are a lot of free and paid solutions there. You can choose among hundreds of useful add-ons, such as image galleries, video galleries, js animated blocks, latest news, google maps, social media plug-ins, etc.

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