One More Day
To Improve Our Lives

In a leap year, which lasts 366 days instead of the usual 365 that an ordinary year has, everyone of us gets one more day to change something in life for the better.

This extra day – February 29th – should not be wasted, would you disagree? We always complain that twenty-four hours in a day are not enough to get all the things completed. We bustle around, get our knickers in a twist and very often fail to accomplish what we plan to get done… Hey, it is high time to reconsider your life approach! We’ve got one more day (and one more chance!) to get our plans fully realized.

If you plan to build up a professional website with extensible functionality, have a look at our CMS templates. Moreover we’ve got a great offer: full site customization (CMS based) – CMS template installation, changing logo and menu names, adding content on 4-6 pages for just $299!

We could rave and rave about the products, but you just need to view them and decide which one fully meets your requirements and needs.

Indeed, our templates will be an excellent solution for you to set up a website for business prosperity. We really stand behind our product, and are constantly working to make it better. We provide top notch support and service. You will never regret this purchase!

We keep up the great work!
Join us :)

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To Improve Our Lives

Quote of the day

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Happy President’s Day!

“Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected”
George Washington

President’s Day is celebrated today – on the third Monday of February. In fact, during this last winter month the birthdays of two of our greatest Presidents’ take place: Washington and Lincoln, whose birthdays are Feb. 22 and Feb. 12, respectively. Each year we remember the achievements and contributions of two of the nation’s greatest governors.

The Father of Our Country, George Washington, was our first President. That was he, who played a major role in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence signed on July 4, 1776, declaring the Colonies to be free and independent states. It is a well-known fact, that he was a wise and courageous man admired for his honesty and strength of character.

Do not forget, that special festivities are held in the Washington DC area and all over the country throughout the day.

Enjoy the holiday, dear fellow! Happy President’s Day!

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Only Takes The Best..

Publicist Kristen Foster told the Associated Press on Saturday afternoon that Whitney Elizabeth Houston has died.
She was 48. The autopsy results revealed that Houston had water in her lungs. It’s possible she fell asleep in the bathtub and drowned, but authorities are uncertain.

Will always love you…

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St. Valentine Promo

Just one day, 2.14.2012 templates going to find their halves. These halves are your pretty logos and company names.

E-mail to 2.14.2012 with subject “St.Valentine Promo” and template ID number you’d like to buy and get instructions how to buy a template you chose with free logo changing service.

Help two harts to join in endless dance of design!

Two hearts joined in love.
It was love at first sight!
It was a magnetic attraction!
Love is friendship set on fire!
Truly, Madly, Deeply

Got your osc hacked again
or why you should not use osCommerce 2.2 or older?

OsCommerce platform is pretty popular for online stores of different purpose.
Owning a site based on osCommerce you should not forget to apply some security measures and updating to latest version to protect your store.

Although custom themes does not allow you to migrate to latest version of software easily. The template should be upgraded.
You can order this service in our live chat. Although if you have no template yet and just planning to start with a site based on osCommerce, you should pick a template compatible to fresh version of engine.
A mass injection attack reported in 2011 and we’re still receiving e-mails from customers regarding their sites hacked.

But you always should start from testing new upgrades before installing them (you can make a copy of your site and try contributions, upgrading on your test site). And do not forget to back-up all your data every time you apply modifications!

Osc 2.2 is outdate. It’s gone. Just take it seriously.

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or why you should not use osCommerce 2.2 or older?

Top service of the year

We have checked the year 2011 results and ready to provide you a name of most popular, most required, most demanded top of the top service.
It’s INSTALLATION service.
It’s not really surprising since everybody can find this service pretty useful. It helps people to start working on template from its demo format, it is quite cheap

We had provided countless installations for the last year and month passed.

*If you ‘d like to discuss all the details first, please enter the chat and order the service right from there. Since if you use offer installation, you will be discuss all the details after the purchase made.
Also if you have any urgency, special requirements it’s strongly recommended to order the service via chat.

**The installation does not include any content changing; the template will be installed as it’s on demo – with a sample data.

***Information you should provide TemplateTuning with to get the template installed:
site url;
site admin panel info (if already installed)
(please make sure you backed up your files/data since the template will be installed with a sample data)
FTP info:
– ftp url,
– ftp username,
– ftp password;
MYSQL settings:
– hostname,
– database name,
– database username,
– database password;
and also cpanel (hosting account) info:
Cpanel URL, Cpanel login, Cpanel password.
– phpmyadmin info (if available)

You can order installation of teh template you bought or template + installation package in our live chat right now!

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Quote of the day

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Explore new mirrored world!

Explore mirrored world with new offer from TemplateTning – Converting Joomla templates to RTL!

The price is just $99

If you are interested and ready to order contact Ashley (
Please put *id number of template you choose – RTL* into your message subject.

Check our Joomla templates collection now!

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Fully-staffed CMS for you

Now Templatetuning offers full site customization not just for regular flash, html template but for CMS templates as well (Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress).

You will get:
* CMS template installation
* changing logo and menu names
* adding texts on up to 6 pages
Everything for $299 only!

If you need a new site for your business, but lack time or skills to customize it yourself, we’ll be glad to help you to make an easy startup for your new site.

After the project is completed, you will get site admin panel credentials and you’ll be able to make ongoing changes through online administration tools.