New Concept: Long Shadow Design!

There is a new trend which gains high scores rapidly all over the web: it’s long shadow design!

The trend is brand-new, and web designers have just started chatting with wonder about it in recent weeks!

Though, “long shadow” is not a new term, as it’s in fact borrowed from lighting and photography terminology. Long shadows shown in photographs are there to create a high-drama effect.

In web design, long shadows are being added to objects in flat design schemes. Actually, long shadow design adopts a lot of the flat design principles. Some folks even consider it to be a form of flat design!

Similarly to flat design, the long shadow design is based on simple shapes and clean lines. It also applies a bright and vibrant color palette (and basically color is also used for shadows).

The long shadows are created by using a tint of the color with no fading, shading or graduation of color. It means that these shadows are also flat. Most shadows fall to the lower right corner of the object at a 45-degree angle, although some designers use 120 degrees. The edges of shadow are sharp and add some extra depth to the overall look and feel.

What is peculiar about long shadow design is that it’s kind of a limited concept, because it is intended only for small elements like icons or buttons.

You can see the showcase of long shadow design and learn more about the concept here!

Stay tuned, dear friends!

Your Website Branding

You will agree, if I say that brand (the whole concept of your brand) is more than just a catchy logo and memorable company name. The brand is about trust and your good relationships with the customers. Your clients (potential or regular) need to know they can completely trust your brand, which provides some important products, services or experiences.

All your steps and actions done for site branding should be carefully and well thought-out! Trust and credibility are essential basic components of your successful interactions and establishing good relationship with your customer.

Your company identity should vividly present and “express” your company’s goals and principles. Don’t let yourself to mislead your customers, otherwise soon or late you’ll regret about this and you know why…

Make people remember your brand, return to you for new interactions and recommend it to others. The positive word of mouth is the most powerful marketing and advertising tool, believe me.

We are overloaded with lots of information, bombarded with facts, opinions, suggesting. People respond to these suggestions differently, depending on their background, what they value or what they seek for. Does your company website provide something important and unique? Think a lot about the audience you hope to reach and develop for. Your brand, your company, your business is your customer.

So, when building a trusted brand, make sure that customers will be able to give you five starts for: content quality, website performance (speed), ease of use, satisfaction and brand value.

Obviously, the customers compare your company and brand website with your competitors. In ideal case, you should dominate in all business aspects: provide the best price, product, service, and user experience. But frankly speaking you can rarely find a company that dominates in all the areas. This is the reason, why establishing high-class brand value will help your clients to become your regular customers.

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Go Minimal!

The concept of minimalism in web design, which we discussed some time ago, is not really simple, as it may seem.

We believe that in most cases simple sites tend to be more effective because you do not overburden your site visitors and customers with lots of bad-structured information and design tricks. Sometimes less is more, and you know this.

Every element of your website should be a practical and functional item, not a “decorative” one. If there is no good reason for the graphical element to exist at your website, please, avoid it. A reason “it looks nice here” does not work for minimalism.

Absolute simplicity can be reached through avoiding the use of borders, patterns, gradients, different textures and etc. There is no real need to organize the content visually.

Focus your attention on general website structure: position website elements according to their relevance to each other. Simple geometrical shapes work best, – trust us.

One more important aspect of achieving the clean “minimal” style effect is using color in a smart way. We would recommend to combine gray scale and a bright colors. The predominant color should be of gray scale, and the bright colors can be used for the functional elements such as navigation, buttons, etc.

Your main goal is to keep sheer simplicity.

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Independence Day!

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Is Captcha A Remedy For Spam Problems?

I guess there is no need to explain what is captcha and how it functions. I bet all of you came across it many times while registering a new account, filling out some online forms or downloading something.

Obviously, the main goal and purpose of captcha at any website is to prevent spam. One of the most popular types of it is a text based captcha: usually it’s a combination of random distorted alphanumeric characters, which cannot be comprehended by robots and machines. Sure, humans can recognize the symbols, as we are able to perceive patterns visually.

But does captcha really control spam? Basically, spam is human- or machine-generated bulk messages, distributed online. That’s no news that spam can be used to manipulate online content, post unethical links on sites, access confidential information or spread malicious code.

First of all, captcha helps to distinguish between a human and machine, because more often spam is generated automatically by machine bots.

There are different types of captcha, which help to prevent your website from spam attacks: text or image recognition, logic questions, friend recognition and user interaction. Each type has its own set of advantages and limitations, but more or less can help you to protect your website data and your visitors. Captcha is one of the essential tools for web security, don’t underestimate it.

We’ll be glad to help you integrate captcha on your website! Feel free to contact TemplateTuning team with your request!

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Monday Again!

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Get Adjusted! :)

When talking about trends and IT progress let’s turn our attention to a new “must have” for any business company – a responsive website. The world goes mobile, and more people are browsing web on mobile devices like tablets or smartphone. So, you should realize the importance of being “mobile” for your website.  Never let it get messed up, when a user is surfing your website on a tablet. The website should be perfectly displayed on any device!

Compare the time and number of emails you are sending from your laptop and from your iPhone. Are they close enough? Of course if you are a business person and spend a lot of time traveling you cannot afford to spend all that time in a car, traffic jams, airports for just nothing. Time is money and you value your time. So you have to deal with your business on a go. Your email box is always with you and you are browsing and browsing all the time… And do you remember a feeling of frustration when you open a big site and have to scroll up and down and to the sides? Do people have to do the same on your site? So don’t you think it is time to set a responsive version of your site –  we are ready to help you with the technical part. It will have the same look and feel, and in addition will perfectly adjust to any screen resolution. Help your customers to be able to find you everywhere.

Contact us with more questions about responsive feature!

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Your Big Summer Day

It’s sweet summer time… Besides dreaming about vacations and pool-parties, happy weeks at the seaside and lunches at the park, a lot of couples are getting married during the summer months.

Indeed, the weather is great (an amazing open-air wedding party can be organized and enjoyed by all), open dresses can be very seducing, great pictures will be taken.

I believe you know what I mean. So let’s say you have a wedding planner, music band, Your song, dance, photographer, rings and of course THE dress – everything is set for a Big day. But do you have any ideas on how to present and keep that day “alive”? Good old photo album – is nice, your love story short movie – is great! And have you ever considered setting up a website? I am talking about a website dedicated to your wedding, where you can share the idea, post the photos and get the comments of your friends? It will be your personal pages for future memories. Choose one of our wedding templates as a unique option to present you wedding day!

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Spice Up Your Midweek Blues – Eat Pizza!

Yes, we do love Italian cuisine! Yes, it’s Wednesday and we are already in our midweek blues. It’s time to spice up the life and experience new feelings and tastes.
Tonight we dine out in Italian restaurant and try new pizza tastes. How does prosciutto, arugula and Parmesan sound to you?
“You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to eat six” – Yogi Berra.

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap” – Kevin James.

“And I don’t cook, either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza” – Tiger Wood.

“I talked to a calzone for fifteen minutes last night before I realized it was just an introverted pizza. I wish all my acquaintances were so tasty” – Jarod Kintz.

“Pizza is like the entire food pyramid!” – Madeline Ole.

“I wish success could be ordered like delivery pizza, because I’d order take out
” – Jarod Kintz.
And yes, we do have templates for Italian restaurants! If you own one, feel free to contact us and we will help you to develop your business online!

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Web Development Myths

There is one common myth about building a website. People tend to thinks that the more they pay for website development (design, programming, SEO etc), the better the work and final result will be.

Believe me or not, the truth behind this myth can be very disappointing: the website that is very expensive may be very low-quality, as well. And vice versa: professionals may charge a low rate, but produce great work.

Obviously, the best way to evaluate the work quality produced by a designer or developer is to see the portfolio (a showcase of previous works) done for customers. If you see the quality works, you can expect high-quality result done for you, regardless the rate that is charged.

There is one important thing to be mentioned: do not expect the quality work to be done fast and for cheap. If you want fast work cheap, of course, it won’t be quality! Is it fair enough? I definitely think so : )

Competent web designers and developers work in TemplateTuning. Choose your project budget and we will be glad to provide professional web design and development services, which will meet your needs and expectations.

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