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Corporate Identity Collection

The best way to make a nice impression is a good, well thought-out branding.

When we say “corporate identity”, we mean the combination of color schemes, designs and slogans that a company employs to make a visual statement about itself and to represent the business philosophy.

Basically, corporate identity is how a company determines itself, how it aims to be perceived by others, and how customers recognize it among other competitors.

When you send a business proposal or give your business card with your identity on, it definitely contributes to give a good concept and impression of your company.

You can create your unique corporate style with

Just check out our colletion of Corporate Identity Templates and choose the one that catches your eye.
A corporate identity template is a set of pre-designed objects which determines the style of any company. Template Tuning corporate identity package usually includes the following items: logo, standard letterhead, envelope and business card layout. Corporate Identity packages are easy to customize so hurry up to create your style and contact customization experts at

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What’s Going On In IT-World?

Fifteen years ago on March 31st, 1998, a company called Netscape published the source code of its flagship product: a Web browser called Communicator. This is how and when the Mozilla project was born. During 15 years Mozilla aims to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Internet. Check their blog and learn 15 big facts and achievements about Mozilla!


A new concept of modern browser interface was created. Sebastiaan de With, a creative director, design speaker and consultant, living in San Francisco, California, introduced “Helm”.

Helm would simply be a website, and when interacted with, the user interface appears, but it disappears as long as you are interacting with the content instead of the control area. Learn more about Helm and its creator here.


In recent years we have witnessed the emergence of monochromatic color schemes in website design, using one base color in various shades, with black and/or white and accents of complimentary colors.

There are many advantages of creating monochromatic website designs, among them: the avoidance of color clashes, none or fewer distractions, more focus on the content. The showcase, which features 40 monochromatic sites, is must see for you to get ideas for the future website.

Feel free to order monochromatic color scheme for your template for $99 only!


And if you are still considering what to choose – Flash or HTML5, a great interactive online game will help you to make a final decision! Find it here and vote!

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Checklist Before We Start!

Today we would like to discuss a few points, which seem to be non-obvious, but are indeed very important on the stage of discussing your future project with us.

So, let’s assume, you’ve already approved the final quote for your website design and development, you are ready to move forward with the payment and TemplateTuning team is ready to start working on your project. Well done, my friends!

Still, there are several things which you should not forget, while making final decision. Here we go!

  • Copyright

According to our Terms of Use, reserves the right to mark the final project result with a “created by” link in a footer area. In case you do not wish to put this mark, reserves the right to set an extra charge for removing it. All of the issues considering adding or removing the mark mentioned in Terms of Use can be discussed with a project manager.

We also provide the service of adding your copyright to the template.

  • Project deadline

ETA, project deadline, project completion date or term of delivery for customer – call it what you want, but still it’s one of the most important things!

When your PM (Project Manager) estimates your ETA for the project, please, keep in mind that only business days are counted! Our Production Department does not work on weekends, so please remember: 10 business days are 10 business days.

Each customization service requires certain period of time to be completed. You can pay extra for urgency, if you are short of time and your website should be launched in the shortest possible terms.

  • Possible project delays

You, our customer, your Project manager and Production Department should work as a real team.

Once we are ready with some changes, we notify you by email. You should check the screenshots, approve or disapprove them, and send us your feedback. The faster you do this, the faster we move the project to the next stage of production.

If we request additional information for the project or need to confirm some important details, we get in touch with you, and we expect your prompt response. If it takes you a few days to reply, the project might be delayed. Our rule is to work until our customers are completely satisfied with the result, that’s why we need your confirmation and approval of all the modifications done by our team.


TemplateTuning follows and maintains high quality standards, and we’ll do our best to leave you satisfied with the project result! Our cooperation with you is your success! Stay tuned! Stay with us : )

Advantages of Joomla Content Construction Kits

Each CMS, like Joomla or Drupal, has its fixed content forms: the primary is usually an article (post). This form has got a strict number of fields and options: title, description, publication date etc.

All these features are very convenient in use, but let’s assume you need advanced content options! What to do, if you need the option of adding tags, allowing comments, having several contact forms? Multiple extensions and modules installed on your website would be quite a handful.

Such situation is typical for CMS like Joomla, but there is an alternative to modules and add-ons.

Content Construction Kit (CCK) — is basically a CMS component, which makes the process of managing content very flexible and easy. If you choose to work with content construction kit, you won’t need hard-coding – just a few clicks and you get extended functionality!

K2 component is one of the most popular CCK, which supports Joomla 1.5, 1.7, 2.5, 3.0. There are many modules and plugins avail for it, and a great community supports this CCK. You can get more information here.

Other great kits available for Joomla are: Zoo, FLEXIcontent, MightyResources, Cobalt 7 and Seblod.
If you seek a nice solution for advanced content management, CCK would be of great help for you.

Join Joomla community, learn more about options and make decision!

Also, check the featured Joomla templates here!

Stay with us!

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