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Web Design Misconceptions And Mistakes

There are a few very important points, which should be well thought-out, when you start the process of your website design and development.
Today we’re going to talk about them!

1. Well, first of all make sure that your design is not too pretentious and intricate. Of course, you want your webpage to stand out among other designs, but – be reasonable and objective! You customers should in no way get lost at your website. Think about usability, intuitive navigation and well-organized information. Make sure that your customers will have quick access to information they are interested in. You should build the beautiful elements around the important concepts of usability and high-quality content.

2. Too many ads and unnecessary welcome screens might make your users leave the website before they basically reach any content they need! Again, make the information easily accessible.

3. Don’t get too obsessed with Flash, guys. If you aim to be easily found by potential customers, search engines should be able to index your website pages. It is not really possible with Flash: it’s not SEO-freindly. So, just step away, and find the alternative – JS or HTML5.

4. Your homepage can become a real design disaster. We’ve already stated that information should be easily accessible for customer, but make sure your homepage is not overloaded with info! Don’t try to tell everything to everyone about your business.   Your homepage should explain people in less then half a minute who you are and what you do. That’s it. Clean style and simplicity are the key words, when we speak about homepage.

5. What can be even worse, then overloaded with information webpage, is a lack of corporate transparency. Your business becomes successful, when you establish open and transparent relationship with customers. Tell them about the people behind the process, behind the product, it’s extremely important indeed.

6. A big mistake is when you actually do not address the real need of your user! You can rave and rave about your product, you can make your website product-focused, your desire to make big money can become center and prior. I am sorry, guys, but it’s not really a good path…
On the contrary – focus on your customer and his needs. And only then you can present the product. Your website design should be build around customer and his expectations.

Good luck!
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2013 Hottest Web Design Trends

I guess it’s high time for a conversation about hottest design trends of 2013.

Here we go:


Adaptive design is more than important nowadays. The amount of users, who browse Internet on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, grows every day! We have many responsive themes in our collection of templates. And of course, we can customize any template to make it responsive!


Many developers together with designers use position: fixed; for navigation menu and website sidebar. This is really a great tradition, especially for the above mentioned responsive websites.


The core of this trend lies in the simplicity of elements, but at the same time in a fully-functional interface. Black and white colors and unrounded corners are widely used in the clean style to show the exactitude of it.


With a help of transition и transform option the designers can easily apply great animation effects (in the past, they were possible only in JS!). This is definitely one of the hottest trends of 2013.


This technique can be used for the websites of travel agencies, model agencies, auto sales center or portfolio of any studio! Such design approach can help to create a stunning catchy website, just dare to use it!

Guys, trends are nothing more than just trends. They come and go. They are hot today and can be forgotten tomorrow. Create your own style and follow it. Stay tuned! Stay with us.

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