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Keep your website on top of trends!

Both now and always people like to stay fancy and modern and we are always ready to invest money in our stylish look. But sometimes we forget that a website being a company’s image should also stay on top of trends. Your website – your business name card and can easily make customers stay with you or go and seek for some business alternatives. Modern websites stand out from the crowd and strike the eye. That doesn’t mean your website should be a motley all-in-one. It’s about knowing where the website industry is right now and taking some advantages of fresh tendencies.

Using various fonts is currently no more topical fashion to beautify your website. Nowadays designers prefer to use one font styled in different ways. Picking up one font will help you give the impression of consistency and unique style. While to avoid the simplicity and monotony it would be a good idea to play with font deepness and spacings.

It is a fashion trend to use your own illustrations throughout the site showing out your individuality. Illustration, like a magic wand, can turn your website into something really one and only and something with the power to entice the audience and mirror the brand message. The design should not be striking, but representing main principles of your business.


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The Importance Of Problem-Solving Content

People browse the web with certain aims and purposes: it’s obvious, that they search for information to satisfy their needs.

Obviously, you are not building a website for your personal usage, are you? In case you want to build it for yourself, then just keep it offline, and that’s it. Your website is for users and all users have certain goals and needs. The understanding of this simple concept should help you in creation of your content.

So, provide the users with relevant information, help them reach their goal, tell them in detail about your product, solve their problems by providing good content.

Remember just one thing: your content should be problem-solving, and as a result, you’ll get satisfied users/visitors, who will turn into your regular customers.

You wouldn’t disagree, if I say that it’s always irritating, when your are browsing webpages seeking the answer, but cannot find it!

Don’t make your customers feel like lost in the woods of useless information. Guide them carefully through your website and help to find what they need. Otherwise, none of you will get anything out of it.

Always study the behavior of the audience on your website (Google Analytics can tell you everything). How much time do they spend on each page? What pages are the most popular? What site content is not appreciated at all? Stay aware of the purpose of your audience, when they come to your website! Offer them what they want and be on the top!

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