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Your Awesome Dedicated Wedding Website

Bright summer and fall are top seasons for getting married, so it’s perfect time to organize and celebrate your wedding. We love writing about weddings: as everyone imagines the wedding as a personal fairy tale – huge, beautiful and white; couples have great hopes to love each other all their lives as much as if they had never married at all. : )

So, in the modern world building a wedding website is a cool way to communicate with your guests – family and friends. I would dare to say that creating a dedicated wedding website is a leading trend today.

It’s obvious that such website will serve as info-portal about your wedding: all the details about ceremony, dress code, wish list and more can be presented there. Later on you’ll be glad to share photos and videos in your website gallery.

We will be glad to help you making your site stand out from the others! You can browse our collection of Wedding Web templates and get useful tips from this post, as well as to order template customization to fit your needs, if you lack time to work on website!

So, what are the essentials things, which will make your wedding website really a special one?

  1. On-trend look and feel. Recently, we posted articles about latest web design trends: minimalism, flat design, long shadow design, parallax scrolling, responsiveness etc. Feel free to follow and apply any of them to your personal wedding website!
  2. Complete and relevant event information. The details include: ceremony/party time and place, dress code, food and drinks options, wish list for gifts, contact details like an email, phone number or physical address. Use captcha to protect your website from spam and unwanted visitors.
  3. Focus on landing page. Your homepage or landing page should vividly present your couple and clearly show the wedding date.
  4. Tell your love-story. The website should reflect who you are as a loving pair. Your website should match your couple personality and tell your story: how you met, how long you are together, what was your path to marriage and other things, which you consider to be important for both of you.
  5. Upload photos and share news. Add photos, create a blog to share news and make your friends and family stay updated about your story, and have fun! Showcase your favorite and best pictures before and after wedding, later on you can also share photos from the ceremony and honeymoon!

Make your wedding an unforgettable BIG day! Good luck!

Gift Giving As A True Art

Winter holidays seem to be over! Hmm, I guess no one likes when the time full of joy, bright meetings, gifts, fun and sincere smiles is over…

But what is really interesting, guys:  actually we should not wait for a special occasion to bring joy and smile to our dearest and nearest! Would you disagree?

Why do we think that only a holiday or a special event is an appropriate reason for a gift? Be spontaneous! Bring joy to people whom you love. Small surprises, pleasant little things, spontaneous gifts, given with love and care, will be remembered forever!

Please, have a look at our collection of Gifts Templates!

Gifts Website Templates presented at are created for gifts catalogs and stores; Christmas gifts stores and Wedding services and accessories, etc. They will also work for Event planner websites. All the elements on Gifts template are full with the spirit of celebration.

By applying general customization you will get the website which matches your requirements. If you do not want to waste your valuable time, order web templates customization at Template Tuning.

Stay tuned!

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