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New Concept: Long Shadow Design!

There is a new trend which gains high scores rapidly all over the web: it’s long shadow design!

The trend is brand-new, and web designers have just started chatting with wonder about it in recent weeks!

Though, “long shadow” is not a new term, as it’s in fact borrowed from lighting and photography terminology. Long shadows shown in photographs are there to create a high-drama effect.

In web design, long shadows are being added to objects in flat design schemes. Actually, long shadow design adopts a lot of the flat design principles. Some folks even consider it to be a form of flat design!

Similarly to flat design, the long shadow design is based on simple shapes and clean lines. It also applies a bright and vibrant color palette (and basically color is also used for shadows).

The long shadows are created by using a tint of the color with no fading, shading or graduation of color. It means that these shadows are also flat. Most shadows fall to the lower right corner of the object at a 45-degree angle, although some designers use 120 degrees. The edges of shadow are sharp and add some extra depth to the overall look and feel.

What is peculiar about long shadow design is that it’s kind of a limited concept, because it is intended only for small elements like icons or buttons.

You can see the showcase of long shadow design and learn more about the concept here!

Stay tuned, dear friends!

Flat Design – What Is It All About?

Are you familiar with the term “flat design»?

It is one of the hottest discussion topics among web designers today. What’s special about flat design? Basically, flat design does not use any extra effects or decorations. All elements or boxes, image frames, navigation buttons and etc, are clear-cut and lack shadows, gradients or edges.

Flat design method was quite popular in the past, and now it has returned back. It would not be a joke, if we state that flat design is just that – flat (thanks, Cap!).

But do not underestimate flat design: it is not completely without effects, of course. Truly speaking, it just lacks extra effects to create “artificial” depth and dimension.

So, what is peculiar to flat design? First of all, it focuses on vivid colors. Color is a key component to making your website elements stand out, and stay in harmony at the same time.

Good content is essential, of course! Flat design does not mean “plain” design, in no way! That’s why typography is very important. The headings, navigation, banners should communicate a message to your visitors – make sure they won’t get lost in the woods of identical texts!

The interface should be simple and user-friendly: all the elements should be of clear use, otherwise they won’t be effective.
The popularity of flat design will grow together with the demand for clean UI and mobile friendly websites. You can go with the trend and create a website, based on flat design! It’s up to you!
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