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Brilliant Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries

Are you a photographer seeking a perfect solution to showcase your works online? There is no need to go a long way and hunt about all over the web: we’ve got a perfect variant for you! Meet – Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries.

This category unveils awesome solutions for photo gallery websites. You might be wondering what actually makes these templates so outstanding?

Believe it or not, but you’ll be able to create numerous galleries and easily manage them, upload unlimited amount of photos, edit your photos with the powerful image editor, work with effective widgets and tools. The Gallery itself is edited from user-friendly administrative panel (your hosting should run PHP).

Let’s take a closer look at these photo gallery templates. What are the functional features that make them stand out?

  • Drag & Drop Website Builder: update your website content by dragging and dropping elements. It saves your time and effort.
  • Impressive Design: we guess, there is no need to comment on this : )
  • Richest Set of Galleries: the advanced widgets make it possible to add a background sliding gallery, a carousel gallery, a grid gallery, or a sliding gallery to your website.
  • Powerful Image Editor: you can upload your photos directly from your camera to the Media Library and modify them right in your browser’s window.
  • High Capacity Media Library: upload the unlimited number of photos to your website and store them in a highly organized environment.

Featured WordPress Themes For Art And Photography

The WordPress templates, which you find at our website, are templates (themes or skins) for the most popular BLOG software system from WordPress. Though, basically, WordPress can be used not just for blog!

A theme modifies the way the site is displayed without modifying the underlying software. WordPress CMS allows you to update content – texts, pictures, links – without a need to work with code! Some of our WordPress Themes are “wigetized” (compatible with widgets).

Click here to enjoy appealing designs of Template Tuning collection of Art & Photography Wordpress Templates. These templates are the right choice for photographers, art dealers, galleries and portfolios. No matter if you are building personal page or some specific website Art & Photography template will work great for you. To save your time and effort please feel free to order template customization services from our experienced Template Tuning team.

Here is a showcase of latest featured Art&Photography WordPress themes!

2013 Hottest Web Design Trends

I guess it’s high time for a conversation about hottest design trends of 2013.

Here we go:


Adaptive design is more than important nowadays. The amount of users, who browse Internet on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, grows every day! We have many responsive themes in our collection of templates. And of course, we can customize any template to make it responsive!


Many developers together with designers use position: fixed; for navigation menu and website sidebar. This is really a great tradition, especially for the above mentioned responsive websites.


The core of this trend lies in the simplicity of elements, but at the same time in a fully-functional interface. Black and white colors and unrounded corners are widely used in the clean style to show the exactitude of it.


With a help of transition и transform option the designers can easily apply great animation effects (in the past, they were possible only in JS!). This is definitely one of the hottest trends of 2013.


This technique can be used for the websites of travel agencies, model agencies, auto sales center or portfolio of any studio! Such design approach can help to create a stunning catchy website, just dare to use it!

Guys, trends are nothing more than just trends. They come and go. They are hot today and can be forgotten tomorrow. Create your own style and follow it. Stay tuned! Stay with us.

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