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Dynamic Sports Website Templates

When creating a website related to sports, our first aim is to show the action and express power and energy. Sport is about motion and abilities, that’s why the whole website should fit the basic philosophy of active lifestyle!

Our collection of Sport Templates can be divided into 3 sub-categories: athletic informational websites (sport schools, sections, sports in general, forums, sport blogs, personal pages etc), sportswear and equipment e-commerce websites (stores) and sports event websites.

All the designs are created to provide information to users, who surf the web in search of something specific about sports, as well as to engage and immerse them.

Carefully designed layouts help to place the information in a logical way, color schemes are sports related, and all other UI elements are balanced harmoniously.

We don’t tend to overload the designs with effects and animations. The layouts reflect motion and energy.

Enjoy the showcase of our fabulous designs: pay attention to how different UI elements play crucial role in expressing the message to users.

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Let The Strongest WIN!

Euro 2012

In 2007 Ukraine and Poland were chosen by UEFA’s Executive Committee to be the countries to host Euro 2012.

Only one day is left before the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship will start!

The final tournament will be held between 8 June and 1 July 2012.

This championship will determine the best football-team in Europe. As you probably know, soccer in the USA also gets more and more popular. So, Euro 2012 will be for sure the main point of attention for the nearest month!

An interesting fact is that in April 2012 Google introduced the service of panoramic views of the 8 stadiums which will take part in the championship, as well the cities, in which the games will take place.

This event will attract attention not only of the dedicated football fans, but, we may say, of EVERYONE! Europe will forget about local troubles for some time and watch and follow fixedly every match game!

We should mention that it is the first time when both nations (and in fact, eastern Europe) will host the tournament of such significance.

Honestly speaking, eastern Europe is kind of a Terra incognita for us, would you disagree? We do not know much about then, that’s why Euro 2012 is a good chance for the whole world to learn more about these countries, their cultures and people.

So, we look forward to the great sport performances, and let the strongest WIN!

P.S. Don’t forget to check our Sport templates!

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