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Checklist Before We Start!

Today we would like to discuss a few points, which seem to be non-obvious, but are indeed very important on the stage of discussing your future project with us.

So, let’s assume, you’ve already approved the final quote for your website design and development, you are ready to move forward with the payment and TemplateTuning team is ready to start working on your project. Well done, my friends!

Still, there are several things which you should not forget, while making final decision. Here we go!

  • Copyright

According to our Terms of Use, reserves the right to mark the final project result with a “created by” link in a footer area. In case you do not wish to put this mark, reserves the right to set an extra charge for removing it. All of the issues considering adding or removing the mark mentioned in Terms of Use can be discussed with a project manager.

We also provide the service of adding your copyright to the template.

  • Project deadline

ETA, project deadline, project completion date or term of delivery for customer – call it what you want, but still it’s one of the most important things!

When your PM (Project Manager) estimates your ETA for the project, please, keep in mind that only business days are counted! Our Production Department does not work on weekends, so please remember: 10 business days are 10 business days.

Each customization service requires certain period of time to be completed. You can pay extra for urgency, if you are short of time and your website should be launched in the shortest possible terms.

  • Possible project delays

You, our customer, your Project manager and Production Department should work as a real team.

Once we are ready with some changes, we notify you by email. You should check the screenshots, approve or disapprove them, and send us your feedback. The faster you do this, the faster we move the project to the next stage of production.

If we request additional information for the project or need to confirm some important details, we get in touch with you, and we expect your prompt response. If it takes you a few days to reply, the project might be delayed. Our rule is to work until our customers are completely satisfied with the result, that’s why we need your confirmation and approval of all the modifications done by our team.


TemplateTuning follows and maintains high quality standards, and we’ll do our best to leave you satisfied with the project result! Our cooperation with you is your success! Stay tuned! Stay with us : )

Dynamic Flash Photo Galleries

So, the main purpose of your website will be to showcase your photo works or any other art works. Great! We have a product, which will perfectly fit your requirements. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery templates!

Flash Photo Gallery is basically the combination of a flash-based template and Gallery engine integrated into it. You would not even dream it to be more easy and powerful!

Back-end is a great tool for setting up and running a gallery of images on your Flash website. The photo-gallery itself is edited via user-friendly administrative panel (do not forget to double check, whether your hosting runs PHP).

Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery 2.0 templates are brand new product and can be easily customized via online admin-panel (back-end) powered by MotoCMS.

You can discover bright collection of Template Tuning Flash Photo Gallery Templates here.


If you purchase any of Dynamic Flash Photo Gallery 2.0 templates, make sure that your hosting fits the following requirements:
PHP 5.2 or 5.3, Zend Optimizer v3.3 (for PHP 5.2) or Zend Guard Loader v5.5 (for PHP 5.3)

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Music Templates

“In music the passions enjoy themselves”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Without music, life would be a mistake. This statement is true for most people. Does it have any special sense for you?

Modern technologies give us the opportunity to enjoy music everywhere we go – radio or our play- list on smartphone are always available. Music lovers enjoy the music which sounds in their earphones in transport, library, shopping mall – wherever!

Music Templates section presented at comprises a great variety of web templates that are developed especially for bands, music producers, DJ’s, individual artists, concert venues, recording studios, music fan clubs etc.

Believe us, it takes minimum of time to set up a profitable online music store with the help of our Music Web Site Templates. Choose one of our templates and order our customization services!