How to Order

After you pick up a template you proceed to the Chat Room with the Sales Manager, who will help you to create a customization description for your template. Accordingly, a Sales manager will quote a price for your customization work and set time-frames for the work to be done.

Afterwards, you go to checkout:

1. Do I have to pay before or after the work is done?

You have to pay BEFORE we start working on your project. The price for the order will include the template price and a customization quote.

2. How do I pay for the product?

We kindly provide several payment methods. You may pay by your credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB) through You may also make use of FXSource (within payment method for the direct bank transfer (take up to 7 days to complete a transfer)

You may also purchase through is the best suitable way for direct funding from bank account (all countries supported and takes up to 7 days). You can also pay with major credit/debit cards, make wire transfer or send cheque. NOTE: to upload funds from your bank account you'll have to wait till wire transfer comes through. Cellular phone with Short Messaging Service (SMS) enabled is required to proceed payment with credit card.

3. How long does it take to receive the product?

Your customized product will be delivered to you according to the deadline set with your consent with a Sales Manager. If you purchase a template as it is you will be getting the product in 20-25 minutes after you are through with the payment. Please, acknowledge that your order may be held for additional verification by our Anti-Fraud Department. You may always contact for more questions.

4. How do I learn about the status of the customization work?

Every customer of acquires a login and a password to his account. The account interface will enable you to see the progress of your customization work and be in touch with Support Team. Contact our Support Chat if you don't remember your access credentials.

5. Can I change the original description of the customization?

Yes, you can. You may make alterations to your customization description with your Sales Manager. Please, mind that additional alterations may cause a natural delay in accomplishing of your customization work.

6. How do I contact

Our Support Team will gladly accept any questions from you and will be ready to provide timely and professional feedback. Please, feel free to contact us via following means:

Support page:
Helpdesk: Submit a ticket
Live chat: click here
Phone: (510) 315 1421